by Ray Auxillou

One of the interesting things about most all governments, is that a large proportion of tax revenues go first to the politicians, then the civil service and after they have their quota, then security as in our BDF and Police Force are big parts of the tax revenues. Of course no government ever has enough revenues. They always want to spend more. Infra-structure is usually something that funds cannot be found for. In many countries, ways around this have been found and that is to fund infra-structure projects with foreign loans. Since they are foreign loans they must be paid off and thus come under the inevitable debt the government must pay each year. It is one way of frustrating the police, the bdf, the politicians and civil servants who would ordinarily devise ways that their budgets and goals come first. At least the method of borrowing for infra-structure has some logic learned behind it, over these last years since the collapse of the Roman Empire back in 400 A.D. When the GAULS and the VANDALS overran Italy, France and Spain. Since then we went first to various isolated Emperors which gradually switched to KINGS and an hereditary aristocracy and nowadays in the past 50 years are sort of muddling through into a trial of democracy, which means in practice you get to change your lords and masters every two constitutional terms. Though in the Commonwealth they have tried to make even that hereditary to replace the old Kings and Queens.

Some years, governments as in the politicians and civil servants are forced to SQUEEZE the population and businesses to fill some inadequate funding emergencies and they borrow, or seize, or otherwise run out of business temporarily some businesses, with their predatory taxes. It is a fine line between what works as to tax revenue and business and the government bite, from the slaves of labor. Witness the loss of the Williams Sewing Factory and I see in this weekendīs newspaper, that the H & L Burger restaurant chain in the port town, a going concern is forced to close up their outlets as they too, could not support the tax bite squeeze, setup by the civil service to get money for the politicians. There are many arguments about the use of jobs and services, versus the SQUEEZE for fees, permits and taxes. When does it become self defeatin? . The H & L Burger Chain had been in business for 30 years, providing jobs and supporting some families. They have bankrupted, due to the overhead tax cost. The Sales Taxes owing are $600,000 including fines and such for delays. The government interest and 5% penalties now amount to $7.3 million. Forcing the ownership into bankruptcy. They couldnīt pay the social security tax either. For a bunch of one room hamburger stands, the employment jobs offered are considered neglible, if you cannot as a government and civil service and politicians squeeze the small outfit for their operating expenses and cream off any profits, it doesnīt really matter if the business goes bust. The employees wonīt be getting their last salaries and obviously they wonīt get their back social security paid out of assets either. A one room wooden shack and a stove and some pots and pans are hardly worth that much.

There are a lot of one person Mom and Pop home businesses that skip as best they can the costs of the predatory tax collectors. It is when you try to go from a diddly kitchen table hole in the wall, or bicycle cart operation, to expand into a larger franchise that you find your eyes are bigger than your belly, or the belly of the tax authorities.