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On Saturday, March 12, 2011, at 6pm on the beautiful Exotic Caye Beach Resort, Belize Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington welcomed attendees of the Presidents Week Asset Protection and Global Investment Forum to Ambergris Caye, an annual event sponsored by Hemispheres Publishing, Inc.

The conference, now in its 13th year, brings international investors from around the world to Ambergris Caye for five days of presentations on international business, finance and investment. The conference is dubbed “Presidents Week” because it was founded as a small gathering of corporate presidents who wanted to exchange insights on the world economy, demographic and market trends, and new investment opportunities. Other speakers of the evening where Paul & Kelly German (Directors of Tourism for ECI Development), Peter Zipper (President of Caye International Bank), Michael Cobb (CEO & ECI Development) and Joel Magel (International Asset Protection Attorney).

Exotic Caye Beach Resort and Caye Bank Financial Centre were the proud host resort and conference center for this special annual event. While the conference is no longer limited to corporate presidents, it continues to be a private invitation – only event where attendees have the opportunity to speak personally with international experts on business, investments, banking and economic trends, as well as entrepreneurs offering investment opportunities. Belize was chosen for the forum because it offers a combination of natural beauty, warm weather, business-friendly environment, and reputation as international banking center.

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