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The San Pedro Roman Catholic School (SPRCS) is embarking on a project to acquire and implement a new system of teaching; moving away from the chalk board, which has proven hazardous to some students in terms of allergies; to a white board system. In order for this project to become a reality, funding is needed - funding that is not readily available to the SPRCS.

Teachers have found a way to raise funds while instilling lifelong values and lessons that will benefit students from the school. Teacher and one of the organizers of SPRCS Mundialito Tournament, Mr. Kenny spoke to The San Pedro Sun; "On the weekends, a lot of time our students don't really have lots of constructive things to do. The Mundialito will serve to encourage sportsmanship, healthy habits - exercise and pretty much keep the children off the streets, while raising some funds for our white board project."

Students from all classes are divided into four divisions. Students from Infant 1 and 2 competed in (Div 1), Standards 1 & 2 (Div 2); Std. 3 & 4 (Div 3); and Standards 5 & 6 (Div 4). Each division comprises of three to four teams competing. Each team represents a different country. Countries being represented include Belize, Brazil, Netherlands, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, countries from the Caribbean, Europe, United States, England and Norway to mention a few.

Friday, March 11 marked the first night of the SPRCS Mundialito Tournament. Excited, energetic and enthusiastic students of all ages gathered in their various teams for the two night tournament. Mr. Kenny informed The San Pedro Sun that there was not a formal presentation of the teams due to a press for time; however, the official opening ceremony of SPRCS Mundialito is scheduled for Friday March 18th at the SPRCS 5-A-Side court. The event promises to be a very colorful and entertaining one as all 16 teams will be present in their various jerseys representing their countries of choice.

The gates open at 4:00pm and games are played through 10:00pm each Friday and Saturday night, excluding weekends when school is out for vacation. There is a small cover charge of $2.00 for adult and $1.00 for students not competing. On an average, there will be eight games played per weekend, and the competition is expected to extend through the end of the school year. Food and drinks are available at game nights.

The organizers hope to have enough trophies to present at the end of the competition, to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each division as well as other prizes. This in mind, the organizers are hereby extending a plea to the business organizations, individuals or households that wish to contribute to this very worthy cause - keeping our kids off the streets - providing activities that promote sportsmanship and in molding to please do so by contacting the SPRCS at telephone number 226-2050 and ask for Mrs. Roxanne Kay or Mr. Kenny.

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