Plans are being made for the relocation of the current Punta Gorda Garbage disposal site.

Paul Mahung reporting.......

“In a meeting the discussions focused on suitability of the new site, possible funding, appropriate development plan, maintenance and upkeep to meet suitable health and environmental standards, sustainability of the site as well as monitoring operations. The 16 persons at the initial meeting included Minister Peter Martinez, Mayor Floyd Lino, representatives of the Ministry of health and Public Health Bureau, Ministry of Works, TIDE, Plenty Belize, Sustainable Harvest International, Solid Waste Management, Jacintoville Environmental Club and Village Council Chairmen from Jacintoville and San Felipe. It was agreed at the meeting that a Toledo Solid Waste Management Committee be formed and will comprise representatives of Punta Gorda Town Council, Village Council Chairpersons from Cattle Landing, Forest Home, Elridgeville, Jacintoville, Yemeri Grove and San Felipe, Solid Waste Management, Ministry of Health and Public Health Bureau, Ministry of Works, Punta Gorda Fire Service, the Police and NGOs namely TIDE, Plenty Belize and Sustainable Harvest International. Plans are for the proposed new Punta Gorda garbage disposal site be located some 11 miles out Punta Gorda off the road to Barranco in an area in the vicinity of Jacintoville and San Felipe.”