Women’s Forum to discuss 30 years of visual and performing arts

Jackie Castillo

At the start of the weekend Belizean women in both the visual and performing arts will get an opportunity to discuss their achievements over the past thirty years. While music has seen the rise of Leila Vernon, Tanya Carter and Melonie Gillett and dance has seen the ascension of Althea Sealy women are being continuously encouraged to participate in the arts.

Jackie Castillo, Development Officer, ICA

“The Institute of Creative Arts partners with the Women’s Department in all the activities that they are doing and like we said earlier we had the launch of Women In Art upstairs with the art exhibition and we also had Melanie Gillett releasing her CD. Alongside Divas & Starlets we’re also going to be doing the Women In Art forum. What the forum is going to do is highlighting thirty years of women involved in the arts. Why we chose the year thirty is because we’re also celebrating our thirty years of independence this year so we kind of wanted to look at women involved in the arts pre-independence to post-independence.”

Isani Cayetano

“From a bit of a historical or chronological background, what are some of the outstanding accomplishments Belizean women have done as a part of the industry so to speak?”

Jackie Castillo

“Well in speaking to a lot of the women to prepare for this forum we have seen where women are now able to come on stage and use their talents to express maybe some of the overwhelming feelings they’ve had as women prior to independence and now after independence we all know that technology has changed. The way women express themselves have changed and the way that people receive how we express ourselves has changed. From speaking to the women, they’ve seen a drastic reception from people when women get on stage and try to express their art whether it be poetry or visual art or even music. It’s a lot different this day and age than it was prior to independence and some of those things are what we want to highlight in this forum.”

Friday’s forum will be held at the House of Culture and will feature acclaimed author Zee Edgell as guest speaker.

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