2011 Eco-Challenge dates announced

Preparations for the seventh annual Reef-Lagoon Eco-Challenge are well underway and set for Friday, May 14th and Saturday, May 15th, 2011. This highly anticipated race comes at the end of Reef Week each year, with the objective to bring awareness of how important it is to protect and conserve our very fragile eco system.

According to organizer Mr. Elliot Arceo, minor changes have been made to the rules of the race this year. In previous years, there were no guidelines regulating the type of paddles used. This had encouraged users to use state of the art paddles, which have affected the outcome of the race in the past. In an effort to level the playing field, Mr. Arceo informed The San Pedro Sun that all paddlers will be required to use the same type of paddles. The only acceptable paddles in the race are the paddles sold along with the kayaks.

The deadline for registrations is set for May 12. The price remains the same at Bze$200.00 per team. As this is an amateur race, it is once again opened to non-professional competitors cross country. Competitors will be competing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes, and the many fun prizes awarded.

Once again the race is scheduled to commence from the Old Football Field bright and early Saturday morning; head north to Bacalar Chico via a pre designated course, leading them through various lagoons that surround the island. The second day, the paddlers return to town where the race ends at Central Park. There are plans for activities at the Central Park throughout the day on Sunday; however details of these activities will be announced as they come available. The organizers take this opportunity to encourage participants to start practicing practice is crucial, as well as to encourage the teams from San Pedro and the rest of the country, both boys and girls to sign up and become part of this exciting race. The entire town is asked to come out and support all the paddlers and be a part of the Reef Week activities as well.

San Pedro Sun