This is a documentary trailer made about Mexico. It could easily be Belize. It may be hard to watch for some, but the reality is even harder. Do also have a read of the synopsis as it is very informative.

Companions to None - Trailer

Once you've seen this, please consider giving to your local humane society, wherever in Belize you are. SAGA is in San Pedro, Hopkins Humane Society, Belize Humane Society and Animal Shelter (Belize City), Placencia Humane Society, Belmopan Humane Society, San Ignacio Humane Society, Punta Gorda Humane Society. All are very different as each community has it's own challenges but all are doing their best to prevent cruelty and suffering in Belize.

When children are witnessing cruelty to animals on a daily basis, it deprives them of empathy and desensitises them to violence. If we speak up and defend those that can't speak for themselves, we start to live in a kinder and more loving place. Please remember that it was the humane movement, those who were trying to protect animals from cruelty, who also established the first child protection agencies. Being humane makes us all bet humans.

“What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?” Jean-Jacques Rousseau