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#403627 - 03/30/11 07:22 PM Hon Marcel Cardona expelled from the UDP  
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Marcel Cardona has expelled out of the UDP. In a letter leaked to Love News, UDP Party Chairman Patrick Faber informed UDP Orange Walk Area Representative Marcel Cardona of his explosion. While Cardona would not go into length via a telephone conversation just a few minutes ago, he said he is in the process of reviewing the letter with his legal advisors.

Jorge Aldana - Love FM San Pedro Correspondent

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#403667 - 03/31/11 01:53 AM Re: Hon Marcel Cardona expelled from the UDP [Re: Marty]  
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Patrick Faber Explains Expulsion Letter
by Patrick E. Jones


#403688 - 03/31/11 09:06 AM Re: Hon Marcel Cardona expelled from the UDP [Re: Marty]  
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UDP To Cardona: You "Constructively Resigned"

UDP Orange Walk East Area Representative Marcel Cardona's historic outburst in the House on Friday has already morphed into legend - but now his party has moved decisively against him.

Party Chairman Patrick Faber sent him a letter today which informs Cardona that he has, quote, "constructively resigned" from the party.

"Constructive resignation?" What's that, right? Well, in the letter Faber explained that that Cardona was responsible for a, quote, "deliberate abandonment of (his) duties to the Party and a rejection of the allegiance (he) owed to the Party." We caught up with Faber less than an hour ago at an event where he explained the decision. Due to the late hour the interview was conducted, we have it for you un-edited:

Patrick Faber, Party Chairman
"We have looked long and hard at the series of events, at least over the last six months that culminated with the events at Friday's House Meeting where, of course, he spoke outrightly against the Government. But there are other things that we believe he has done over the past 6 months that demonstrates that he no longer wishes to be a part of the UDP. And we've termed that as his constructive resignation from the party. These things are such as not attending the Party's Parliamentary Caucus for some time now, things like not attending the Party's National Party Council Meetings, and of course a series of things that he did over the course of at least a year now. There was the launching of a billboard campaign in Orange Walk Town and surrounding areas against the Deputy Party Leader and the Leader of the Party. Around the time of the convention, in fact, the Secretary General and myself as Chairman, we had to call him because we were in receipt of a letter that he had written to some very notable PUP businessmen, basically saying to them that he wanted their financial support in order to embarrass the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister..."

Jules Vasquez
"In the convention?"

Patrick Faber
"Yes, he said that if he would receive this financial support, it would help him to, of course, embarrass the UDP, embarrass the Prime Minister, and the Deputy Prime Minister. Which of course, has to amount to him not supporting and him not wanting to be a United Democratic Party member. So this letter merely serves to say to him: listen we accept that you have demonstrated all of these things which says in effect that you no longer wish to be a member of our beloved party."

Jules Vasquez
"Why didn't you move against him then? Have you moved against him now because the UDP was hurt and embarrassed by what he said, and this is now a retaliatory measure?"

Patrick Faber
"It's not retaliation at all, but you know that there is that proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back. While he did not cast a vote against the budget, I'm sure that sure that all who saw what he did could clearly see that he was against the Government and the United Democratic Party, and so we used that as the straw that broke the camel's back. But there are a series of events, as I've said, that says to us loud and clear that he does not wish to be a part of the United Democratic Party. His meetings with the PUP Leader, and this entire weekend, which is now factual - everybody who seems to have information tells us that he met with the Leader of the Opposition. But it's not retaliation, it's just what we can do under the circumstances."

Jules Vasquez
"But doesn't the "D" in UDP stand for Democracy? Can't there be a plurality of views - speaking only about the presentation on Friday - can't there be plurality of views? Can't there be - if not a vote of conscience - an act of conscience in the house? I don't think anyone out there thinks the man was lying."

Patrick Faber
"You are right in that if you look at that event alone, maybe that is not enough for us to look at him and determine him not a member of our party. But again, I'm saying that it's not only Friday's events. It's a series of events. Not attending the Party's National Party Council Meeting is a huge thing. Not attending the Parliamentary Caucus Meetings, where we plan and we explain why it is that we're putting forward certain actions in the House of Representatives and in the Senate, if you don't go, how can you understand where it is the Government is going. And for you to get up and criticize on the boots of that is just ridiculous."

Jules Vasquez
"So then, there are practical considerations. First, what does this make him, physically in the house? He had the last seat in the back-bench. Being not, now, in your opinion, a UDP, having "constructively resigned" where will he sit? And will this force a bye-election?"

Patrick Faber
"I don't think it will force a bi-election. According the constitution, a bi-election would come if it is deemed that he has crossed the floor. He would have had to have done that outrightly, or if he resigned. And I'm not sure that we can put our "constructive resignation" to that kind of resignation. So it is the Party's wish to simply say to all those concerned, that he is not a member of the UDP, and we will push for him not to sit with the rest of good members in the house that belong to the UDP. So you can look forward to seeing him sit somewhere else, but not with the UDP."

Jules Vasquez
"Well he can't sit with the PUP."

Patrick Faber
"Well maybe if he..."

Jules Vasquez
"I know he has a vehicle that has "E" plates, and that he's the Chairman of House Sub-Committee. Will he be stripped of those?"

Patrick Faber
"He has not been stripped of those, and it is a decision we will have to look at carefully. But that is a decision that will be made in the next House Meeting, at the time of the Meeting, if there is a change in the Chairman, it has to be done there so, I'm not sure that it will be done."

Jules Vasquez
"With this vague language of a "constructive resignation" why not just expel him?"

Patrick Faber
"Well the procedure for expulsion is much longer, you will agree. There is a system that is in place. You know of course, of troubles that we've had in terms of defining clearly what procedure is, even though, to a large extent, it is outlined in the Constitution. But for us, if there are all indications as is the case with what I've just expressed with Mr. Cardona, then I don't see why we need to go through that entire process. It is evident that he does now wish to be a UDP member or supporter. So why go through all of this? Let's just deem him to have resigned because that, in effect, by his actions is what he's done, thank him for his resignation, and move on with business of governing the country".

The letter closes by saying that quote, "we hereby accept that constructive resignation and with immediate effect cease to regard you as a member of the United Democratic Party."

Channel 7

#403755 - 04/01/11 08:50 AM Re: Hon Marcel Cardona expelled from the UDP [Re: Marty]  
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Cardona Responds, Says He Hasn’t Resigned

Last night you heard UDP Chairman Patrick Faber explain how Orange Walk East Area Representative Marcel Cardona's cumulative actions had amounted to a "constructive resignation".

Well today Cardona fired back. In a letter to the Chairman, he says that he has not resigned from the UDP or the House of Representatives. He tells Faber that there is no prohibition within the laws of Belize, which stops a backbencher from speaking out on behalf of his constituents. He notes that this is the norm in other Commonwealth countries. Cardona then concludes re-iterating that he has not resigned and that he intends to complete his term as the Orange Walk East Area Representative.

The UDP has indicated that it does not wish to force a bye - election though that seems to be what Cardona is guarding himself against. The letter is also copied to the clerk of the National Assembly, who, according to Chairman Faber, will be asked ot find a new seating arrangement for Cardona as they do not want him on the government side.

Of course, he now insists he is still on that side, so it's left to be seen if he will go for a court order to attempt to preserve his physical seat on the UDP backbench.

And while he's on the battle-line against his own party, Cardona has also joined up with what looks to be another part of the Ashcroft Alliance. It's called the Friends Of Belize, an NGO that says it wishes to create an environment for increased foreign investment in Belize.

Cardona is on the advisory board along with former US Ambassador Robert Dieter, and former British High Commissioner Phillip Priestley as well as BEL CEO Lyn Young. The group was formally launched at a ceremony in Belize City today.

Channel 7

#403826 - 04/02/11 09:47 AM Re: Hon Marcel Cardona expelled from the UDP [Re: Marty]  
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Elrington On Cardona: “Let Him Be”

On Wednesday, UDP Chairman Patrick Faber wrote to Orange Walk East Area Representative Marcel Cardona telling him that the party had accepted his "constructive resignation."

Cardona fired back the next day to say he had not resigned and was not about to; he said what he did was within his rights as a backbencher.

Today we spoke to Chairman Faber and asked him, what next - and if this could end up in court….

Hon. Patrick Faber
"I don't know why he would say that he is not coming out of the House; no part of our letter suggested that that would be the case. As I indicated in my interview with you and other media houses the day that we did write to him, this is merely to say to him that we believe his actions have come up to his saying he doesn't wish any longer to be a part of the UDP and for all intents and purposes that was only to when we go back to the house to say to the speaker 'listen this man can't sit with us, he is not a UDP'."

Jules Vasquez
"You can see where there might be a problem going forward if indeed he is remove from sitting there in the back bench and some other seating arrangement and he resist that because he is still a UDP and all that. You can see how it could foreseeable (this is speculation) end up in court."

Hon. Patrick Faber "Well, yes that may well be the case. I believe the Speaker will have to make some kind of ruling against him, I don't think the Speaker has made any move to suggest that something should be done to him. As the United Democratic Party say that he is not a member of our party and demand that he not sit with us. But you are right Jules, it's not the end of the situation, we don't expect Mr. Cardona as he has already shown to go gentle into that good night; we expect that he will continue to fight. All that we are saying is continue fighting but not as a member of the UDP."

And while Faber and his party will insist that Cardona be moved from the backbench of the Government side, the man who sits right in front of Cardona isn't that sure. Pickstock Representative Wilfred Elrington sits right in front of Cardona at the far end of the front-bench. He today told us he would advocate a more measured approach:..

Hon. Wilfred Elrington
"This is not unusual. I think that one always needs moderation in one's dealings with these things. Abraham Lincoln use to like to say and it is written that 'never respond to anything in anger, give yourself time to think about it. Don't react, respond, but take time to think about it' and I think that that is all that is needed in this present situation to resolve it. We need time and people who are prepare to dialogue. I dint see it as the end of the world, I see it as a natural maturing process. It happens with all of us whether at home or at school or in politics. This happens."

Jules Vasquez
"So would you urge the party to keep him within its ranks rather than accept his constructive resignation?"

Hon. Wilfred Elrington

"If it were left to me I would say let him be. That's my own view. I tend to be a very moderate person. I think that if a person wants to be associated with you I think you should leave them. They have their different views and opinion. That is what democracy is all about. If in fact everybody talk the same way and behave in the same way you'll have a terrible boring country."

No date has been set for the next house-sitting when Cardona either will or won't take up his new seating in a nether-space….

Channel 7

#429996 - 02/09/12 08:36 AM Re: Hon Marcel Cardona expelled from the UDP [Re: Marty]  
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Once Elected, Twice Shy: Marcel Cardona Won't Run

Whatever happens in the next election, there's no arguing that former UDP Orange Walk East Representative Marcel Cardona made history during his term.

The firebrand backbencher lashed out at his party in the House - which is rare but not unprecedented. After that, he became the first representative to be moved to the other side of the house - but without officially crossing the floor.

Cardona has - at all times - lobbied passionately for Orange Walk East, and it was widely thought that would run independent.

So today when he called a press conference, with the house having been dissolved, it was his first chance to speak freely - without the fear that the Government might try to force a bye-election by saying he had crossed the floor.

Today, he used his freedom to say a great many things, but most importantly - to outline the plans for his future in politics:..

Jules Vasquez Reporting

Former Ow East Representative, Marcel Cardona, showed he is still able to fill a room - albeit a small one bringing about two dozen supporters from his area.

Cardona gave a passionate, strident anti - government screed - complete with gesticulations - a speech so strident and outspoken, that it would make even Francis Fonseca blush.

Marcel Cardon - Former Orange Walk East Representative
"Has the prime minister delivered on his promises contained in this manifesto entitled, 'Imagine the possibilities'? Has he delivered? And the answer is no."

And while vented with this from his 4,500 word, 12 page, 45 minute speech - at times, he deviated from the script, and went off on a rant to expose a deep seated, almost fiendish dislike for his former party leader Dean Barrow - whose name was mentioned at least 23 times in the speech:

Marcel Cardona
"We have a dictator in the making, ladies and gentlemen, and I sound the warning today, and I ask the Belizeans not be carried away by this actor, by this first-class actor."

But for Cardona, Barrow was just collateral damage; the real reason he was having a press conference was to make The Big Announcement:

Marcel Cardona
"The moment of truth has arrived. The decision - the moment of decision is here, and ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce to you today, that myself and members of our Orange Walk East Upliftment Committee have discussed the issue concerning the way going forward, and as a consequence, I have decided to take a time out from electoral politics as this time. I shall not be contesting the upcoming general elections, ladies and gentlemen."

He says he needs a break:

Marcel Cardona
"And if I am not running, you know what? After 4 years a beating that I have been taking from my own UDP Government, after that horrible beating, I don't think that I feel up to it to go and seek another term of office in this time."

But, Cardona is heartily throwing his support behind the PUP Candidate

Marcel Cardona
"In fact, the Orange Walk East Upliftment Committee has voted on, and has agreed that considering the two candidates in Orange Walk, the UDP's candidate and the PUP's candidate, it shall be endorsing, campaigning for, and shall be supporting the PUP's candidate, Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez in Orange Walk East. We will be going out, Marcel Cardona and the members of the Orange Walk East Upliftment Committee, together with Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez in Orange Walk East."

Cardona says he will also personally support Mendez and Francis Fonseca in consideration of:

Marcel Cardona
"Because we have been offered commitments that People's United Party, once in office, it shall attend to those needs of the people that have been neglected over the 4 years by this present UDP Government, ladies and Gentlemen."

And so, after all those theatrics, all that drama, Cardona leaves political life defeated, not at the polls, but as a public figure, reduced now to just a campaigner, a cheerleader for a party he once opposed.

Channel 7

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