Sports have been a stronghold in the lives of residents of San Pedro. Residents actively participate in everything from beach volleyball, softball, sailing, kayaking and of course football. Fuljencio Hoare is no stranger to the sport of football in San Pedro. Recently acquiring the guidance of Coach Omar Moreno, Fuljencio "Fully" Hoare has created the San Pedro U20 Football Club (SPU20FC).

The SPU20FC hopes to provide an alternative to the many young, talented, athletic youth on the island. The venue will afford the youth the opportunity to create lifelong skills such as sportsmanship, group work, how to become a team player, responsibility and self control while providing them the basis for a healthy lifestyle. As proven in the past, the club also provides the perfect platform for athletes to showcase their talents and compete to become a member of the Belize National Selection, which travels internationally to represent Belize.

Presently, the club boasts the membership of 16 active players. The goal is to create from this club, two teams to compete in the upcoming regional sporting event for the Belize District scheduled to commence in late April. The teams will be competing in the Under 15 (U15) league, while the second team would compete in the Under 20 (U20) league. Total number of players needed to complete the club is 44 active players; 22 per team. The U15 players are ages 13-15 while the U20 players are ages 16-19.

On Sunday the 27th Coach Fuljencio Hoare, Omar Moreno along with some members of the team and a hand full of supporters travelled to the quaint village of Valley of Peace for a friendly game with the team there. Leaving San Pedro at around 10:00am, team and fans left San Pedro en route to the City. After much travel and some obstacles, the group arrived at their destination around 2:50pm and the team immediately got to warming up for a game to start at 3:00pm. Two innings, each encompassing 45 minutes was ahead of the boys.

At 3:20pm, the first goal was scored by Samuel (Eto) Figueroa putting SPU20FL in the lead. Soon after, a second goal was scored by Kenny around 3:36pm. This was followed by two goals by opposing team placing the game at a draw by the end of the first half.

Early into the second half, fans of the Valley of Peace selection were disappointed by an offside goal scored. This pushed the San Pedro boys to bring up their game and by the end of the second half, they had scored 3 goals; 2 by Kenny and Eto got his second goal for the day, bringing the game to an end.

While plans are not concrete on the fundraising efforts that will be carried out by the club, The San Pedro Sun will keep the community abreast of that as well as upcoming games and outcome. The club is also inviting interested athletes to become a part of this very active club. Donations, as well as information can be made by contacting Fuljencio Hoare at 604-5015 or Coach Omar Moreno at 631-8516. Look for their next release which will contain information of their Facebook page as well as e-mail address and Blog. The club would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for assisting in making Sunday's trip possible: Raul Gonzalez, Cholos, San Pedro Town Council, Searious Adventures, Vidi Gomez, Hidden Treasure, Mark Chi, Armando Gonzalez, Mrs. Yvonne Temsik and Team Players.

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