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Whichever sells first... the business OR the Taylor commercial ice cream maker.
Time has run out and seller needs to return to the states next week.

My friend Tom has owned and operated the Placencia Ice Cream shop for the past 2 years, recently he's listed the business at what he thought to be a quick sale price.

His hardship is your opportunity for an even greater reduced price.... or he will be putting all the equipment in storage until he can return.

Tom's offering:

The turn-key Placencia Ice Cream shop for $ 15K US (originally listed at $ 26K US)
The Taylor Commercial Ice Cream maker for $ 9,000 US

included at no extra cost in whichever sale will be his ingredient inventory of flavorings valued at $800 US and soy-milk ice cream mix at $2,250 US.
A prompt sale of either the business or machine will allow him to also teach the buyer how to operate and clean the machine and give mixing instructions and recipes.

the machine:
Someone with an existing business may be interested in a back-up machine for the heavy season, or it's a large capacity unit for anyone wanting to start a new enterprise
The unit can make either frozen yogurt, gelato, sherbert, sorbet, or soft-serve ice cream because of it's computerized 'air mixing ratio' feature.
2 flavors and a twist.
3 Phase, air cooled. It's been kept immaculately clean, and runs great like the work horse that it is.
870 #s
A new unit costs over double the price .. you also save paying the shipping, duty, and taxes to get it in country..

this Model PH 84 is shown here on Taylor's website: http://www.taylorfreezers.com/default.asp?upage_id=0&apage_id=161
Here's an example of a sister model for sale producing at the same capacity

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