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by Gerry Badillo

After months of preparation, dedication and practice, the day finally came for the nine lovely contestants of Miss San Pedro High School to take the stage and compete for the crown.

On Saturday, April 2, 2011, San Pedro High School held its very popular Miss San Pedro High Pageant 2011 at the Rafael Angel Nuņez Auditorium. The pageant consisted of nine lovely contestants: Lina Masariegos (1C), Alexis DelValle (2A), Josie Lopez (2G), Miriam Rodriguez (2E), Vivienne Forman (1G), Mahe Pereira (1E), Giselle Alamilla (1A), Marissa Gomez (1H) and Nayelie Puc (2C).

The lovely night kicked off just right with an excellent dance selection by the contestants showing off their dance moves to their audience. The hosts of the night, Mr. Alex Nuņez and Raquel Badillo introduced the many talented students that San Pedro High School has to offer to entertain the audience. Also, a great Fashion Show was done by Belize Top Model Somalia Vernon featuring San Pedro High School students strutting their stuff.

After a spectacular night full of entertainment and tight competition it was time to announce the winners of the night, Miss Popularity, Lina Masariegos (1C); Third runner up, Josie Lopez (2G); Second runner up & Miss Photogenic, Alexis Del Valle. Finally it was the moment everybody was waiting for, the crowing of the new Miss San Pedro High School 2011, which went to the lovely Miss Miriam Rodriguez. It was another excellent pageant success for San Pedro High School.

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