And while the GSU is in a constant public relations back and forth - as the crime fight notches up, the entire police department will be under more scrutiny as it engages more aggressively with criminals in a ramped up crime fight.

That's why the Police Ministry has started a round of public relations training for police. Now, we in the media know that police and public relations are usually very far apart, but PR Coordinator for the ministry Rafael Martinez says that the terms and rules of engagement with the media will change:…

Rafael Martinez, Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of Police and Public Safety
"Today what we did was to hold a one-day workshop for our police officers, mainly sergeants and inspectors. We had a number of about 19 people who showed up today. And we looked at it from various stand-points. From the legal aspect, we looked at a bit of role-playing. We tried to get as broad a cross section of perspectives as possible to enable them to effectively and efficiently communicate with the media in a precise and concise, but informative, manner."

Jules Vasquez
"Why is this a priority at this time?"

Rafael Martinez
"I think that it is more so essential at this time knowing that we have upped our operations as such in the fight against crime. Sometimes the message can be misconstrued, and as my theme today was, "Dah noh weh yoh se, but dah bout how yoh seh it."

Jules Vasquez
"Is the department, is the ministry encouraging a more active engagement between the police department and the media?"

Rafael Martinez
"Of course, I think that it has always been like that, but some people have been apprehensive of actually encountering the media, because sometimes, maybe, they don't know how to package the information. And as we said today, we are the managers of our information. We are the experts in the field; as such, we are the right person to deliver this message."

The training will be conducted on a continuing basis….

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