The elite cross country is weeks away - but the junior event was held this weekend - here's how it went:

21 junior riders between the ages of 13 and 18 lined up near to the Succotz ferry on Sunday morning ready for the 79th.

They left at 9:00 am, 5 miles in, there's a four man breakaway Zahir Figueroa, Dalvin Cowo, Brandon Guzman and Steven Casteneda at cement hill - the same foursome was in the lead.

51:09 "and while cycling enthusiast Jose Gomez was urging them to slow down, as they rounded a the curve there was still a collision - which got worse for one rider after he got back in the saddle and his fork broke.

At central farm - it was down to three as Steven Castenada had been dropped at Central Farm, fans remembered deceased cyclist Christopher Chuc. Through Georgeville, Zahir Figueroa takes out Brandon Guzman for the station price at the Pine Ridge Junction on the eastern descent of mount hope - this is what the main pack looked like - splintered bodies all over the road as the withering ascent split upů

As we approach Warrie Head, the leaders have been caught and there is a new leader, Giovanni Lovell, is now on a solo run.

While a less than inspired chase is being led by Cayo High road and coming into the curve known as brick wall, team Indeco's Giovanni Lovell enjoys a lead of almost two minutes over the main pelothon, while the pelothon rolls on winding through the corkscrew turn at Roaring Creek, Lovell is still in the lead.

And in fact, past Belmopan heading towards the city under a strong headwind, he had expanded the lead but at the Belize Zoo, Lovell is just about to be caught by his team-mate from Team Indeco Joel Borland, Austin Armstrong of Twin Town cycling, , Juan Umana from Cayo High Road and Oscar Quirios from Cayo Uprising at mile 3, the same five are still intact but word is that young Kyle Gentle is only 30 seconds behind.

So at the finish, it's a six man sprint as Joel Borland easily takes them outů.while Juan Umana came in second and Kyle Gentle was third.

The race was completed in just under four hours which is well off the record time. 20 of the 33 riders finished at an average speed of 18.7 miles per hour.

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