With its aim to expose the academic accomplishments of its students in the realm of professional development, the University of Belize held its first annual Student Research Conference. Dr. Jean Perriot, the Associate Professor at UB and coordinator of the event explained that the conference is twofold.

Dr. Jean Perriott - Associate Professor, University of Belize

“One is the traditional question and answer presentation of research projects by our students and a couple of our faculty. The main objective is for our students to have the opportunity see what a conference is like and to present their research findings which matches with the objective of the university. The second section is the poster display is the way conferences are going so that more information can be presented. The poster display is really survey and studies conducted by our students in research from the faculty last semester. The topics were very interesting, sex tourism, BNE’s impact on Belize, the perception of people on BNE etcetera.”

Research presentations presented by students and members of the faculty ranged from oil drilling, business development, E-learning, value chain, tourism and offshore services. Perriott emphasized that the initiative is in tandem with the university’s initiative of threading into the avenue of a research based institution and contributing to public awareness of current national issues.