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Inside The GSU #404258
04/07/11 08:02 AM
04/07/11 08:02 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
The Gang Suppression Unit came to national attention in January when residents of the Southside started coming forward with reports that they had been tasered by this new unit, the GSU.

Indeed, the GSU started operation in mid-October, and since then their stunners which are mistaken for Tasers, their masks, their 9 millimeter machine guns, and their hard charging techniques have made news. And recently, word from the streets suggesting that three weekend murders were perpetrated by George Street as a response to the GSU's actions in a funeral procession - has put the unit's work at the center of a whole new debate.

But before we argue about what the GSU did at the funeral or what it does generally, we figured we first have to know what the elite police unit is all about. So a few weeks ago, we asked for access to the unit's training, its headquarters and its operation.

We got it, and Jules Vasquez starts the series tonight with a look at the GSU's genesis:

Jules Vasquez Reporting:


"Make weapons ready"

This is the MT-9, a weapon designed strictly for law enforcement

It uses 9 millimeter rounds but works like a machine gun. The GSU is the only police unit using it and yes, they are also the only unit authorized to wear masks.

These are only two of the aspects of specialization afforded this elite unit.

We caught up with them during training for a scenario the capture of what they call a high value target:

Officer in Training
"This person has no regard for human dignity, and the information is that this person will shoot it out - will fight his way out if the police come to apprehend." The simulation was carried out with absolute precision.

The spotting, the coordinated approach and the smashing entrance; the exercise is run with precision and regularity because this is policing for a new level of engagement with the criminal element.

ASP Mark Vidal, Officer Commanding GSU
"My policy is that we must train and continue to train so that our officers perform at the highest level when we are dealing with this problem, because it is only so that we will be able to make the level of success that we want to achieve at the end of the day."

That kind of performance based assessment is espoused by ASP Mark Vidal, who conceived of the gang unit after getting training with FBI Anti-Gang Task Force and got ministry support to implement it:

Mark Vidal
"I submitted a proposal; eventually it was considered at the highest level - National Security Council. Eventually it was approved."

Not only approved but fast-tracked, funded and outfitted - by mid-October it was launched and operational. As Vidal Explained when he took us on a tour of the GSU Headquarters, it is a specialized unit within the police department, but the most distinctive one, it has its own intelligence, investigative, analytical and operational arms, and its own base at a private property in Belize City - which is a home on the northside. Where every space and every wall has been converted for some kind of police work - the master bedroom is covered with maps of the city - broken down into zones and areas of color coded gang concentration - denoting which gang controls which turf.

And while that's the bedroom, in the kitchen, instead of washing dishes, they are cleaning guns And while this completely self-contained unit is in Belize city, it answers directly to the Commissioner of Police, not the head of Eastern Division:

Mark Vidal
"It does not operate under the command of Eastern Division, but it's still - for administrative purposes- there is some requirements to get certain things from Eastern Division's budget, so to speak."

But while that distinction is administrative - what makes the GSU stand out is its mission statement and objectives plastered all across the walls of its headquarters:

Mark Vidal
"The general objective the unit is to dismantle the gang structure and to bring individual gang members, who have committed crimes to justice."

But dismantling gangs - if it can be done - is not for the faint of heart - and that's why the GSU earns its specialized title with personnel, equipment and training.

Its ranks are numbered by standouts cops handpicked by Vidal and department and continuing training in intelligence, analysis, and operations:

Mark Vidal
"There is training in terms of intelligence. There's training in terms of analysis. There is the investigative training. I mentioned earlier about the criminal investigation training, and then there is also the operational training, what the public sees out there eventually."

And that's what we got to witness first hand - their weekly training in firearms and operations.

Which is where we started our story…the unit trains weekly in basic operations such as stop and search:

Officer in Training
"Mr. Pandi, we have reason to believe that you have illegal firearms and drugs in this vehicle. Do you have anything to declare to the police?

"I have nothing to declare - that's not even my vehicle - I don't know who it belongs to."

And in use of the MT-9 rifle

Thousands of rounds buried in clay to achieve precision if not perfection.

Mark Vidal
"We know that these gangs have a cadre of weapons that are not limited to 38 and 9mm's. We know that they have high-powered rifles, much more powerful rifles and firearms than we have. We know - and experience has shown - they have been incidents where they have used grenades. We can't just be going into an area with just a little pistol. We need to have additional fire-power to go into these areas."

And while they train almost obsessively -nothing can simulate the chaos that plays out in the field - where the GSU has become known for its masks, and this innocuous looking device - that fit on my pants pocket like an ultra-small cell phone.

It's actually a simple battery o tool - available over the counter in developed countries - that doubles as a flashlight and a stunner - the sound alone can inspire fear and I can tell you, it's very unpleasant to get stunned, but that short burst left me with no injury, all I knew is that I wouldn't want to get it again… Administering it, mind you, isn't that band - even if this officer played it up for me:

Mark Vidal
"What we use is a stunner - that is a device that none-lethal. And it is basically a replacement of what would be the baton. And it will cause a temporary discomfort, but it will not cause any permanent damage or injury to anyone. It is enough to subdue to the person."

And while the stunner is an effective tool, what about those masks? Just the appearance of it is foreboding and it introduces a level of anonymity that would make any citizen uncomfortable. Vidal though says it is necessary:

Mark Vidal
"There is this misconception in terms of how the mask is being used, and understandably. The unit wears masks because some of the officers need to protect their identity, and they fear reprisal. Officers have been threatened; there have been threats through phone messages. There have been threats otherwise; there are people who have been inciting violence against the unit and their families. There have been cases where one of our officers was shot at when he responded to a robbery - to an actual shooting incident. But again, whilst the mask is being worn, every operation that we do is videographed so that it provides the accountability for everything that the police does out there."

Jules Vasquez
"But who reviews that?"

Mark Vidal
"Well I would, and the officers would because there is a debriefing. Every operation there is a briefing, and then there is a debriefing. So that it would be post-mortem. The operations would be post-mortem and we would review the tapes and see what glitches need to be mended."

Jules Vasquez
"You are reviewing your own officers. You all are a team; you work closely. I would expect that you have a charitable interpretation of their actions."

Mark Vidal
"Right but then again, there is the IAD; there is the Ombudsman's Office; there is an IAD head-office in Belmopan-"

Jules Vasquez
"So if requested, those people could access the-"

Mark Vidal
"Certainly, it is there and it can be review by those who may need to conduct any investigation, if there is any breech of discipline etc."

And when they go on those operations, Vidal says they always go prepared:

Mark Vidal
"When we operate in these areas, or for all searches for that matter, we carry warrants and we execute warrants. The warrants give us the authority to use force when it is necessary. So that if people refuse to open their doors, even though there has been the verbal warning and everything, and they refuse; then certainly force has to be used. We have had stand-offs with some of these gangs. So that they have barricaded themselves. In one occasion there were elements of this gang who barricaded themselves, and practically challenged the police. So we had warrants, and we used force to enter in."

And that's part one, join us tomorrow night for part two when Monica Bodden will suit up, bulletproof vest and all and go on an operation with the GSU, where she will get a first-hand look at their engagement tactics….

Channel 7

Re: Inside The GSU [Re: Marty] #404399
04/08/11 08:58 AM
04/08/11 08:58 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Rolling With The GSU

Last night we aired the first part in our series about the Gang Suppression Unit. It is a timely story, because presently the unit is in the center of a national debate about crime; did their stop and search of George street gang affiliates in a funeral procession on Friday precipitate the weekend's rash of murders, specifically 3 senseless murders in a 10 hour span? That's what some street information suggests - and, if true, then the police and the political directorate have to decide if they are willing to engage in a full out war with the gangs, no matter the cost.

We went looking to discover the terms of that engagement when Monica Bodden went on an operation with the GSU - which started with a briefing:…

Monica Bodden Reporting
It begins with the officers suiting up. They use a buddy buddy system - which simply means "I check you and you check me"

To make sure that all equipment is properly put together on the body… Everyone is attached with a sidearm.

And 95 percent of the team would use the MT-9 submachine guns.

Then it's off to the conference room where a planned operation briefing takes place. This is where officers are provided with the information - by the Intelligence Unit - of specific houses and areas they will be conducting searches.

This information provided includes videos and images of the specific houses and its areas chosen -while on operation - And provides officers with a visual from different angles which gives them a broader knowledge on what to expect.

And then it's off into the City Streets - with a well prepared game plan.

Our first operation was on a Saturday night - where we went into areas such as Majestic Alley, Mayflower street and Kraal Road - High Crime, gang-affiliated areas in the city.

This area is Mayflower - if you can recall this was the area where the grenade was thrown in May of 2008 -which claimed the life of 16 year old Darren Trapp and injured 11 others.

These guys - who were hanging on the block - were searched down by police for ammunition and drugs.

And then it was unto this year- just a couple yards away from where the first search on the men were conducted.

Police Officer
"We are Trying to help out the kids them."

"We are recreating ourselves."

Police Officer
"I understand you but you have the poor little babies out while you guys are smoking weed and everybody is smelling the weed."

"But we are not smoking here."

Police Officer
"Come on."

No drugs or ammunition was found in the area - but this one man was taken away by police because he owed the court some money.

And so he was detained until Monday where he paid his bill and was released.

Next stop was at the yard of Raymond Killa Gentle - the boss of Kraal Road was executed on January 14th in broad daylight on his block.

This specific yard is a well-known base for people - and is where police believe firearms would normally be stashed.

While driving through Majestic Alley - police intercepted these young men who were riding on bikes.

Police Officer
"They store stuff in the bicycle handles. They would stuff it all the way in handles."

Luckily for these boys, nothing was found on them. Later that night police received information that the diver of a certain vehicle - was involved in Drug Trafficking and so that car was tracked down and later intercepted on Barrack Road.

Where it was first searched on the street. Due to the fact that visibility was minimal - the driver and the vehicle was taken to the Queen Street police station - where an in-depth search was conducted.

Again, no drugs was found on the driver nor in his vehicle - and so he was free to go after a 4 hour search.

Our next operation with the team was a pre-dawn. We headed out at 5:00 in the morning. First stop, at a house in the Belama Phase 4 area where information to police was that the house was being used to stash ammunition and drugs for one of the biggest street gangs in Belize.

As standard operational procedure - the warrant is being read out loud to inform the household on the purpose of the search. It is also being held up for them to view but not touch.

Information such as name, date of birth and residence is taken by an officer. As the others proceed to search the house. Every area of the house is thoroughly searched.

Normally a house search runs for up to 5 hours. While searching the bedrooms - the occupant of the room is called inside to look on.

Police Officer
"We are conducting a search inside the first room. Two occupants are inside the room and the police find some illegal substance - contraband what is believe to be cannabis (weed). So we are reviewing the house by section, then we are going in the other room which is occupy by this young man and the little boy, then from there - this room - room number three which is your room and your daughter room. So we search each room section by section. However when we finish with the entire rooms we will do the inside of the house including the hall, kitchen and this area here ok ma'am. Like I mention earlier we will do it by sections, ok ma'am."

After a 4 hour search - everyone - except for the children - was taken away to the police station for drug possession charges.

Next house was on North Creek - where the entire yard was surrounded by police. The search was at the house of two brothers and police were looking for drugs.

Again, as proper operational procedures - a warrant was shown to the two occupants.

Police Officer
"I see no need for me to put handcuff on you people, but usually I do it for the protection of yourself and the safety of officers. But however I get good respond from you guys, so what we will do is search your room first, we want you to just relax there - wait here, while the officers conducts a search. "

That search led to the discovery of marijuana that was stashed in a DVD case.

Police Officer
"As you both can see this is what I find in the CD cases. This is cannabis right, you both have nothing to say unless you wish so, but whatever you say will be take into evidence. You are under arrest for drugs. Do you both understand?"

"The two of us?"

Police Officer
"Yes because at the time of the search you both are here. "

And so they were both handcuffed, a gram scale was also found - which indicated to police that the men might be selling drugs.

Police Officer
"Under the cup this is weed seeds. Again you have nothing to say unless you wish to do so. But whatever you say will be in writing and given as evidence. You are under arrest for weed seeds."

The search continued into the yard - where police began digging holes with shovels in different parts of the yard.

That led to discovery of a black plastic bag that was buried under the back stairs. Inside the black bag were smaller clear bags - packaged with weed…

At that point the two men's sister - who lives on the lower flat of the house - was asked to accompany the police to the station since the drugs was also found in her yard.

She fainted almost instantly and had to be carried away by two of the officers. She was place on a table right in the same yard where she stretched off - gasping for air it was almost as if she was going from herself. She was then placed on a chair to sit up - where she complained that her hands were getting stiffed and numb.

She kept on asking for her asthma pump that she claimed was on her center table inside her house. That pump was never found and so the officer lifted her from off the chair and carried her to the vehicle where she was transported to the KHMH.

She was being checked upon shortly after and we were told she was doing just fine. That didn't stop the search from ending.

And in the end the two men was taken away to the police station where they were charged with Possession of a control drug and drug trafficking.

The woman who fainted was also charged with Drug trafficking since the drugs was found inside the yard.

ASP Mark Vidal, Officer Commanding GSU
"The areas that were focus were the areas that are most affected by gangs. We have wanted to see more but time did not permit, but the strategy was to target the persons that gathered in the street corners and peddle drugs and also vehicles coming in and out of those areas. That was the one on Friday night. The pre-dawn operation was specific targets; we knew that certain gang members had - because of operations being conducted in the areas. So one of the operations that was targeted as that and in fact some of the persons that was found in that house were not in fact residents of that house. Then the other operation was another one where of course we found drugs buried in the sand on the premises, so there was that level of success."

"We find firearms and drugs when we go to these operations and the operation on that Saturday night was in fact base on the analytical strategy and the on pre-dawn operation that was done was based on confirm intelligence that these areas are being used as meeting venue, as an area where firearms and drugs are being kept, so that is what actually the team went out and conducted."

Jules Vasquez
"I often hear now from street sources that wherever the Gang Suppression Unit shows up and hard charges after your specific targets into neighborhoods - you will receive a few text messages saying that 'we will give the police work later' meaning that someone will drop. So I am seeing from my observation a direct cause and effect. Often times you don't see the person drop. Accepted, but for example when they have that shooting by Wagner's Lane 5pm that afternoon, the people pass in a van and sprayed. Earlier about 24hrs earlier you all had had an exchange - a standoff almost with one of your high value targets. How would you respond to that criticism that there is a direct cause and effect, wherever the GSU appears the gangs escalate?"

ASP Mark Vidal, Officer Commanding GSU
"Well i think largely that has not been the case. I think that what has happen is that they have use all type of tactics to dismay the police from engaging them and it probably work for them then but we haven't really seen it occurring now. Whilst that incident may have happen, we don't know if it was a direct result of the standoff between the GSU and the high value target. What we know is that an incident occurred and there is an investigation conducted and there is nothing in that investigation to show that in fact or anything concrete and tangible to say that in fact that was a result of the standoff that was there at the time between the GSU and those gang elements. Yes we have heard certain gang elements saying 'that since you want work, you will get work' but we don't see that translating into any actual occurrence thereafter and since October the unit has been operating and I can't really pin point any particular murder that has occurred because of the GSU for that matter provocation any situation. We are there to suppress that matter and we haven't been intimated by those little threats from them."

"I don't deal with any weed, nothing illegal chief. The last time you meet me, I work with the pre-school. I have my little girl going to school."

Police Officer
"That is what I like to hear. Take care of your little girl ok. Thank you."

Despite numerous searches we stress that only two sets of arrests were made; all other persons were released without charges and cleared of any suspicion of wrongdoing. Tomorrow, we'll have the final part of our look at the GSU ….

Channel 7

Re: Inside The GSU [Re: Marty] #404403
04/08/11 09:29 AM
04/08/11 09:29 AM
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Belize City
Katie Valk Offline

Katie Valk  Offline
Great story and you can see what the GSU is up against. They really need a gun and ammo sniffing dog; would make their job much easier and much much safer for the police.

Belize based travel specialist
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Re: Inside The GSU [Re: Marty] #404513
04/09/11 09:41 AM
04/09/11 09:41 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

GSU: Bigger Guns, More Force, But Is It More Effective?

And stories like that are what turn many in war-zone communities against police. While we can't vouch for Welton Usher, in the eyes of his community he's not any kind of player in the gang world, or any dabbler in criminality, they say he's just an innocent bystander who police have chosen to harass.

And so today, when we went in the area, we heard all kinds of stories about how the GSU kicked open his gate, and charged in like they were looking for bin Laden.

Indeed, that's the reputation this unit has earned in many of the city's hot areas. Tonight, we'll look at the contrast between how we saw the unit operate and how the public says they operate, and beyond that examine the effectiveness of their hard charging techniques:…

Jules Vasquez Reporting
We've gone on patrol with the GSU, and indeed all their actions were professional and restrained - even exemplary, but our cameras were there - and the tales from the street when our cameras weren't give a very different account:

Concerned Citizen
"All of them had on masks; they don't need any masks. Why are they putting on masks for? It's just because they want to chance the boys them and want nobody to see their faces. If you continue to harass and harass a man, and that man is doing nothing, you know what will happen? It will just irritate those young boys' minds."

Resident accosted by GSU
"He ran outside and got a taser gun out of his vehicle, came back in and started to shock me up. He shocked me on the right side of my back and two times on my left arm."

"Sambula got one of the Taser and shocked me here. When he shocked me and i felt what it felt like I drew back and he pushed it on me again. It was more than one of them and they crowded me and shocked me all over."

"When Sambula grabbed her and started to hold her by the neck. He shocked her and slammed her ground; she told them, 'You will not take me anywhere; I'm not going anywhere.' It was then that she started to resist, after they had already started to Taser her. When Sambula shocked my cousin, she fell to ground like she was knocked out."

Thelma Castillo, Zane's Mother
"Before I could even talk to him some more, he started to tase Zane, and when I tried to hold his hand to tell him not to tase my son or to explain to me what is happening, he just tased me on my hand. So up to now my hand still feels kind of numb. He continuously just started to act badly; he cranked up his gun; he tased up who he could tase up. He tased up Zane until he fell to the floor; he handcuffed Zane and still continued to tase him."

And while those visceral complaints and images have gained traction in the public discourse - and how could they not, the GSU is undeterred - at their headquarters we found that all those searches are reduced to data which informs and guides the unit's forward planning:

Jules Vasquez
"So information is a big part of this?"

ASP Mark Vidal, Officer Commanding GSU
"It has to be otherwise we would just be an unit out there without any kinds of guidance. We are reactive as opposed to being proactive."

And precise operations target high crime areas

Mark Vidal
"This is not a patrol unit; this is a suppression unit, right. So we look at areas that are affected by. We look, based on the analysis that is done by the team, at the areas that we need to focus. What is the trend showing?"

And if we look at the trend from the gang suppression unit - the George Street Gang is the most frequently targeted for searches - more than a quarter of the searches:

Mark Vidal
"29 percent of the operations, since inception of the operation is concentrated on GSG."

Each search is documented and the aggregate is collated in charts such as these -but you cannot statisticate chaos - and whatever the gang unit's numbers say - the streets are more dangerous than they've ever been and the gangs are more intimidating.

But the unit is determined to dictate the terms of engagement, if necessary meeting force with force:

Mark Vidal
"We must understand, first, that we are dealing with violent criminals; we are not dealing with your day-to-day common thief etc. We are dealing with people who are planning crimes or planning murders; they are going out there and executing some of these heinous crimes which is not just limited to murder. It's robberies and all the major crime in Belize City. Most of the murders in Belize City are attributed to the gangs, and these personas have no regard for their own lives, much less your or mine. So there has to be a level of training that meets that kind of situation."

And that training brings us back to the MT-9, the GSU's weapon of choice - which is basically a machine gun version of a 9 millimeter pistol, is a fine piece of work.

I took a turn in that weapon's training, and didn't do badly - and while the feel of the machine gun is powerful - I wondered what kind of message does all this weaponry send.

Jules Vasquez
"You all are using the MT-9, the weapon of choice on the streets. We always hear 15 expended shells, 9mm pistols. Well you all, being in the same theatre of conflict with the gangs, have escalated on them. You all have a 9mm, which is not a pistol, but it is a machine gun, So how would you respond to a criticizm that you all are trying to show them that "unnu think unnu bad, I badda dan you."

Mark Vidal
The MT-9 rifle is for close combat areas so that it will not create the kind of damage like if you use a M-16 for that matter. But certainly the rifle that we use and the firearms that we use, are used by people that are professional -- that are responsible. We have not had a single incident that we have resorted to the use of that rifle so far."

Jules Vasquez
"You all have it as a sort of talisman, a symbol of your strength, your efficiency, your apartness; because nobody else in the department has this, or do you have it because it is purposeful to have such a weapon."

Mark Vidal
"It is purposeful; we know that these gangs have a cadre of weapons that are not limited to 38 and 9mm's. We know that they have high powered rifles, which are much more powerful than we have."

Jules Vasquez
"You will appreciate that these are urban environments. There are always children around; there are always innocent people around in the midst. Infact you know that often-times organized criminals use the homes and properties of innocent person to conceal their illicit items -- whether it be weapons or drugs. You accept that there is a civilian risk?"

Mark Vidal
"Right and that is the reason why we have continuous training."

Having participated for a day in that training, they are highly motivated and to bond, build teamwork and toughness they subjected themselves to full exposure to tear gas in a closed room, breathed it in for as long as they could, and in short time, the suffocating smoke sent everyone running for the exit …

I was in intense pain, unbearable burning in my eyes and throat - while they were cheerleading… But if the murder rate continues to go up - particularly gang related murders - they might not have much to cheer about.

Jules Vasquez
"Isn't there a legitimate concern that if we see, again, 130 plus murders, they'll say, 'You know that Gang Suppression Unit was really a waste of time. It was misconceived," and send Mr. Vidal back to intelligence, reassign those officers to ADU or somewhere that it's just a feeling -- a hope that this will work. And if it does not work, at the end of the year, will it mean that the Gang Suppression Unit, for all its great sound and fury has failed?"

Mark Vidal
"Well I don't think so. The Gang Suppression Unit is just one component in all the other components put together."

But it is the most well funded, most visible component, which begs the question: is government putting the hammer before the ham?

Jules Vasquez
"Now specifically, in the Gayle Report, it advocate against the use of paramilitary-type operations, saying that it only becomes a contest of force. Because you become like a rival gang for the -- actually GSU is not far from the GSG."

Mark Vidal
"Right, only in acronym. Well I think that the meet-and-greet aspect has been on for as long as the gangs have been formed and functional. That has not worked; rather we have seen over the years an increase in crime, particularly murder. There is not that community policing component has not given the desired results."

Of course, critics would say it's never been given the desired resources…but this effort has, and so the gang suppression unit, well funded, well outfitted, well-led, is an experiment in policing and social alchemy - one more attempt to try and deal with the hydra headed monster called crime - it's only in its 6th month of operation, too early to say if it is working…

And as we end our series, a clarification. Most of the material for that story was collected a few weeks ago, before last weekend's frightening upsurge in violence. So when - in last night's interview - you saw ASP Vidal referring to idle threats form gangs that had been harassed, he said that before those threats were made terribly real.

Now, the terms of the gang war has changed dramatically, and - we gather - police - all units - are scrambling to try and contain the violence before it spirals further…..

Channel 7

Re: Inside The GSU [Re: Marty] #407188
05/07/11 09:42 AM
05/07/11 09:42 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

GSU Gets Interpol Training

The Gang Suppression Unit has been making news this week for breaking down doors - but while those units were busy in the city - in Belmopan - other members of the unit were using pen and paper instead of stunners and MT-9 assault rifles.

The event was a special training for the GSU facilitated by a Gang Expert from Salvador, Walter Lazo. He's Interpol's point man in the region and now he's signed unto a one year programme for Capacity Building of the GSU and related units. This was the first week, an intensive first principles course.

Here's more from the police training academy in Belmopan:…

Cornel George Lovell, CEO Police and Public Safety Ministry
"With the help and facilitation from Walter Lazo I know that you are now betted not just to deal with, the gangs that we are familiar with here in Belize but also to deal with those transnational gangs that may migrate to our country and operate in Belize. We know that as we speak there are elements of MS-13 and MS-18 here in Belize."

Walter Laszo, Reg. Officer - Interpol - El Salvador
"This week we trying to include the formation and one part is the topic of training in the subject of strengthening the units. We are doing this with a pilot plan from the regional office for Belize and under the understanding that it's not the only training that will be provided to the Gang Suppression Unit. We have a work plan for the year in this training topic where we want to strengthen their abilities - train them in use of best practices and techniques that are most effective in the combat of organize crime."

ASP Mark Vidal, Officer Commanding GSU
"it encompasses of areas to deal with the gang problem, it talks about intelligence led policing the origin of the gangs in particular the Central American Gangs the Mara Salvatrucha and the Mara Dieceocho and its origins, its evolution and the best practices that are carried out in Central America that we can also use in order to fight this problem."

Devin Sambula, Detective Constable GSU
"I learn a lot about the origins of many Hispanic gangs that resulted from the immigration and the civil war area in El Salvador. Also we learnt about how to carefully and properly investigate the gang structure because the mandate of the Gang Suppression Unit is to dismantle gang structures so Mr. Walter taught us how mainly to dismantle a structure through the base of the gang - attack its resources."

El Salvador has the second highest murder rate in the region at 71, just behind Honduras's 72.8…..

Channel 7

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White Sands Dive Shop - 5 Star PADI Dive Facility - Daily diving, SCUBA instruction and Snorkeling
Caribbean Inspired All Natural Condiments & Spice Blends, Over 100 are Gluten Free!
We manage a variety of homes, apartments, condos and commercial properties here on Ambergris Caye. Our minimum lease on ALL properties is six months.
Click for Ian Anderson's Caves Branch, Welcome to a World of Adventure
Lil Alphonse has snorkel equipment to fit anyone as well as Marine Park Tickets and flotation devices to assist those not as experienced.
Coastal Xpress offers a daily scheduled ferry run to most resorts, restaurants and private piers on the island of Anbergris Caye. We also offer  private and charter water taxi service.
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Cayo Espanto
Click for Cayo Espanto, and have your own private island
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Click for exciting and adventurous tours of Belize with Katie Valk!
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