A foreign national from somewhere in the Commonwealth will replace outgoing Commissioner of Police Crispin Jeffries, Cabinet decided when they met on Tuesday, April 5.

“Cabinet has taken the decision - has endorsed the decision to actually seek a new Commissioner of Police, and we will be looking internationally,” Minister of Police and Public Safety Hon. Doug Singh told the local media on Wednesday, April 6.

“We’ve started the advertisement process, and we will be doing this through the Commonwealth Secretariat. I think we prefer Commonwealth simply because of the similarity with the legal framework and experiences. So we’re not limiting it to the Caribbean, but pretty much through the entire Commonwealth region. And I suppose we should also not limit it. Whoever applies, we will review them accordingly and try to make the best selection.”

Singh said Commissioner Jeffries will be retained until his replacement assumes the post in the next three months or so.

As to whether locals may apply for the post, Singh said yes, but “we are going to try to select the best candidate with the kind of experience of someone who can make the kind of changes that we believe is necessary....”

The Belize Police Department presently has five Assistant Commissioners of Police and one Deputy Commissioner of Police on staff.

Deputy Commissioner of Police James Magdaleno will be up for retirement in the next six weeks.

Singh said the objective of hiring a foreign national is not only to fight crime, but to bring about structural changes to the department.

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