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The students of The Island Academy were in for a treat this morning, April 13, 2011, as Vince and Cherie Rose of the American Crocodile Elementary Sanctuary (ACES) and his team made a special presentation about crocodiles. And to the children’s surprise they had a 12-foot crocodile on display.

The children were in awe as many have never seen a live crocodile before or even out of the water. The massive croc lay at the back of a trailer while Vince answered the many questions the children had to ask. Cherie also entertained another group of children with quick facts about crocodiles.

Vince and Cherie also demonstrated to the children how they go about collecting their data for their research. The male crocodile on display was captured early this morning at the Boca del Rio Area and measured just short of 12 feet.

ACES is a non-profit organization providing support to local communities through education and research. If you would like to contact Vince and Cherie Rose you can do so at 666-3871 or 631-6366 or email them at [email protected]

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