Belize Natural Energy was the winner of the University of Belize’s green business competition. The completion was a part of the University’s Earth Day activities. Marketing Manager at BNE Daniel Gutierrez told Love News it is a sense of accomplishment for the company.

Daniel Gutierrez – Marketing Manager, BNE

“It’s a very big deal. BNE has for some time been investing resources into training people into buying the right materials and putting the right systems in place to make sure that we run a very clean operation and we are elated that an independent third party has been able to look at that and see that for what it is. We are very happy that the University of Belize has recognized us as the nation’s green company for the year.”

Gutierrez says the company has been doing its part to ensure a cleaner environment.

Daniel Gutierrez – Marketing Manager, BNE

“For starters at BNE nobody touches a screwdriver unless they go through the full training, training that includes environmental awareness, in how to deal with the environment and what it means to operate cleanly and what the good practices are. Above and beyond that Belize Natural Energy invests the necessary resources to mitigate against the central problem and in that sense we have high practices and high standards when it comes to mitigate against potential problems with the environment. Belize Natural Energy has been working in Belize for some time now and as I said before we are very happy that independent party has looked at BNE and said we are Belize’s green company and I am happy to say that in areas of practices including monitoring, including training, including equipment, including a number of different things we have been recognized. In fact right now Belize Natural Energy is selling approximately 30% of the nation’s butane propane which if you look at the hydro carbon chain if you look at how hydro carbons work it’s a cleaner fuel. Not only in what we do on a daily basis, but also in what we produce we are clearly going in the direction of having a cleaner environment.”