[Linked Image] Glenn Tillett - he's been the host of the morning buzz on the PUP's Vibes radio for the past five years off and on. But now sources say he's being kicked off the air.
7news has confirmed with Tilllett that the station manager told him that the morning show was off the air next week - no reason was given to him for the cancellation. Tillett says he has no idea what's the plan but our information says the party is trying to get rid of him because they want the show to have a more combative tone.

It's also worth noting that Tillett is one of Joe Coye's biggest supporters - and yesterday, Coye lashed out against the party establishment and its new Golden Boy, Anthony Mahler.

The timing is notable, but right now it's just wait and see as to what will be put forward for a new morning show. Tillett says if he is invited to participate in a new panel or a new format, he would consider it.

Channel 7