A new resource center was opened earlier today in Punta Gorda. Guest speaker was Minister of Human Development and Social Transformation Peter Martinez.

Peter Martinez – Minister of Human Development and Social Transformation

“I believe that this resource center provides us with a very important tool, a very effective way to engage our young people. It is a structure that symbolizes an abundance of hope and positive sentiments. Within these walls we will teach new skills through our computer courses and other training programs, we will provide a portal to the world and vast doors of knowledge through our internet services. We will provide a gate for friendships to be made and strengthened, a space where positive knowledge can be shared and we will even provide a refuge for some. Although the focus is definitely on youths, this resource center is intended to serve the entire Punta Gorda community.”

Mike Hernandez Director of Public Relations at the Social Investment Fund told us more about the project.

Mike Hernandez – Director, Public Relations, SIF

“The project was implemented jointly by the Social Investment Fund along with the Ministry of Human Development and Social Transformation, the cost of which is approximately $100,000.00 half of which was financed by the CDB and other half by the Ministry of Human Development. CDB is also contributing 15 desk top computers, a printer and other computer equipment such as chairs, desks, fans, memory sticks etcetera. What is very important to note also is that the CDB also as part of its package is also financing a computer training course for over 26 youths.”

Punta Gorda Mayor Floyd Lino delivered the welcome address at this morning’s ceremony.