We received several calls this morning from residents of Crooked Tree Village who told us there was a standoff between fishermen in the village and authorities.

Maria Novelo reporting...

“Fisher folk of Crooked Tree Village are venting their frustrations as the village council have barred them from casting their nets in the lagoon. Fishermen say today is one of the biggest income earning day of the year as fish is in high demand for Good Friday. These cries are being overlooked because the village council says about three weeks ago the Village Council and the fishermen held a meeting to draft a plan for fishing since the lagoon is known to dry up around this time. According to treasurer of the Village Council, Mildred Crawford, none of the fishermen came up with a plan, and with no input from their end, they decided to enforce the law that govern fishing in their village. Crawford said the fishermen were allowed to fish yesterday which they did, but reiterated that the decision had the approval of the fisher folk. Crawford ended by saying that the rule will apply throughout the Easter break and that the hauling and netting of fish will resume until Tuesday. The decision has divided the residents of the small fishing village of Crooked Tree and a Village Council standing firm and adamant about enforcing the laws.”