Recently, you may have noticed the beefed up presence of officers of the Coast Guard on patrol with police and manning the checkpoint at mile four on the Western Highway.

It's part of the overall stepped up security in the city - and for the Coast guard it has meant increased vigilance as well on the waters where they stopped what may have been a crime in the making and also nabbed some contraband beer. Lieutenant Soberanis told us more:

Lieutenant Gregory Soberanis, Belize Coast Guard
"For example about Friday evening about 5:30 pm while conducting a patrol in the river right in Belize City here, our patrolling unit came across a vessel and was about to board the vessel, the vessel did not comply and sped off, we set chase; we pursued the said vessel in the river, the guys ran the vessel aground into the river bank and made their escape. we were able to recover the vessel, the guys had machetes onboard and different items that indicated that they were up to no good. I believe base on what we found onboard the vessel - we were able to curb a crime that they wanted to commit. We know that contraband comes from up North and it is transported by vessel - by boats using the water taxi terminals en-route to the islands. Like I have mention earlier we have increase our patrolling efforts at the marinas and hence the reason this. This is just a sample of what was found by our coast guard personnel at the marinas."

Channel 7