Thirty soldiers of the Belize Defence Force Light Engineering Company were deployed enroute to Haiti yesterday as part of providing much needed humanitarian assistance to the people and the Haitian Government. Chief of staff, Lieutenant Colonel David Jones told us that the troop will help in reconstruction efforts of schools and clinics.

Lt. Col David Jones - Chief of Staff, BDF

“It became a reality last year and because of the job well done they did last year they requested Belize’s assistance again. The Haitian Government was very impressed with Light Engineering Company from Belize, they requested if we can come back and assist. This time we are sending two contingents. The Light Engineering Company they are primarily an engineering company but their secondary role is construction. They can do construction of roads, bridges, building, so within their ranks they have electricians, plumbers, masons, carpenters, general engineering, these guys are able to build anything. This is primarily one of the tasks they would have to perform if Belize is severely hit by a hurricane or any other natural disaster for that matter. They have been to the different villages to assist with construction of houses, removal of debris from off the road, road clearances, and general rehabilitation after every disaster. Since we have assisted Haiti it sends the message that we are prepared to help our brothers in the region.”

The BDF LEC will work jointly with the Louisiana Army National Guard (LANG) on this mission. The first contingent is schedule to return on May 28th, whilst the second contingent will depart on May 26th and return to Belize on June 25th.