The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade in its capacity as President Pro-Tempore of the Mesoamerica Project today convened the second meeting of the Executive Commissioners of the Mesoamerica Project. The Mesoamerica Project comprises the countries of Central America, Mexico and Colombia and includes eight initiatives: energy, telecommunications, housing, health, sustainable development, road infrastructure, tourism, natural disasters, and trade facilitation. The objective of the Mesoamerica Project is to develop the necessary regional infrastructure to allow the region to compete in the world economy and to bring about the much needed economic and social development to raise the standard of living for the peoples of the region. During the meeting the Commissioners discussed ways of improving cooperation and coordination in advancing the various regional projects and programmes. They also received reports on the status of four specific initiatives and projects including, the upgrading and rehabilitating of the roads network along the pacific corridor; the project International Transit of Goods relating to trade facilitation to reduce the time for the processing of cargo through the various customs points within the region; the project dealing with the Mesoamerica Land information System to map the region and provide information to flood prone areas and early warning systems for natural disaster mitigation; and in the area of housing, to provide funding to the countries of the region for the construction and rehabilitation of low income housing. The Commissioners also received an update from the Alternate Commissioner from Mexico on the logistics for the upcoming Twentieth Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Tuxtla Mechanism for Dialogue and Coordination, which will be held in Mexico. Belize as a founding member of the Mesoamerica Project has benefitted from the construction of the New International Bridge at the northern border built by Mexico, and has obtained funding from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration for the upgrading of the northern border crossing in Santa Elena, Corozal and the upgrading of the road from the Dump to Jalacte in Punta Gorda. The meeting was co-chaired by CEO Alexis Rosado and Mexico’s Alternate Commissioner for Mexico Arturo Barrio.