The innocence of a time before tourism and foreign intervention

by Ray Auxillou

When it comes to Belize culture, I remember my youth, when some of the bars on the South river side, had some really erotic dancing. MS Weir had one such place on the second floor if I remember rightly and there were couple of others on the street floor. Saw some of the most erotic dancing ever there. Seems to be missing in the missionary brainwashed religious puritanical era of today.

The dancing was really erotic, two people so close together, they were joined at the pubic area. The visual effect was the male erection was inside the female vagina and they danced together, though the female did most of the dancing, while the male was more or less stationary with back and forth hip movements. Sweat would be streaming down their face and bodies, the speed of the dance movements so fast. The female moved her hips faster and faster, revolving around the male as he tried to stay inserted and moved his hips back and forth. Tourists like me from Caye Caulker were astounded at the eroticism, as things on the surface at least in the village I lived, were very much Roman Catholic hypocritical rigid sexual behavior codes. The females ruled in the village. The riverside bars of old Belize City were lively places. It was an age of innocence, when crime was usually by career cat burglars, or thieves of opportunity, without violence. Sex in those days was a sort of harmless ordinary euthanasia. A normal need recognized at least on South side, as ordinary as a toothbrush, or peeing or defecating. It was just something everybody did as often as they needed it. In my brainwashed state, by the Catholicsim of Caye Caulker village of 90 houses, it aroused flights of fancy and imagination. Later in life I learned that all Catholic countries in Latin America always made provision for sex for young male adults who had not yet arrived at an age, where they could afford a home and a wife and children. Every village and town had a zone were sex was available at low cost on instant notice. A remarkably intelligent cultural custom I finally came to think.