[Linked Image] There is a saying, "A happy worker is a more productive worker". The staff that makes up the San Pedro Police Department (SPPD) is generally transferred to the island from various parts of the country. Many times leaving their homes and families to be stationed here for a period of up to two years; they are provided housing by the department.
However, while many of us go home to our well kept homes, with all the amenities to assure a complete solace, these individuals charged with the responsibility of maintaining our safety retire to barracks which provide a less than desirable living situation.
It is the knowledge of this situation that drove the organization of the presidents of the various neighborhood watches on the island, to make the SPPD the recipients of their first donation.

Janine Lopez, president of the DFC and San Pablo subdivisions neighborhood watches and member of the Board of Neighborhood Watches, explained, "Neighborhood Watch is not just a neighborhood watch where we take care of each other's homes. There is much more that we do. This is just one way in which we are giving back to the community. The SPPD works very hard to keep us safe and we'd like to see them living in better conditions. There is a stigma about the Police departments across the country, but we are looking beyond the stigma. At the end of the day, we have to work hand in hand with each other. The SPPD has been working with us, and so this donation is our way of showing them that we do appreciate the work that they do and we hope to have an even better working relationship in the future."

The donation of over $15,000 worth of materials and household items were handed over in a brief ceremony held at 2:30pm on Saturday April 30th in front of the San Pedro Police Station. The donation included items such as washing machine, ceiling fans, a refrigerator, cement blocks, and other materials to give the barracks a makeover.

The donation was made possible through the kind donations of Mr. Alex Eiley of Caribbean Depot, El Pescador, Captain Morgan's, Portofino, Amal's Hardware and the San Pedro Business Community.

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