5:51 p.m EST, from the Belize Development Trust/Hurricane Net

KEITH has been downgraded to a tropical storm. Winds within Belize have subsided to about 50 mph in squalls.
Belize is still covered by a huge storm system in the southern quadrant of what was Hurricane Keith. The actual center of circulation seems to be 75 miles west of Chetumal and almost half way across the Yucatan Peninsular. There is no recognizable center.
Mostly what Belize is getting is rainy weather with some squalls. Waves and sea are subsiding. It is entirely possible now for a speedboat to go from Belize City to Caye Caulker, if one should wish to try it. They certainly need communications gear out there, to assist in planning of trips by the GOB authorities tomorrow Tuesday.
If I was home, I'd be loaded up and gone by now in my boat. Been in a lot worse.

Corozal has no damage. Many resorts on Ambergris Caye can be open for business if there are customers. Power is a problem and communications. No word on docks. Debris will be a problem for a week, but things should start operating back to normal in a lot of the places Tuesday or Wednesday. Much of Belize while wet is still open to tourism and is basically untouched. It is still raining, but that should pass quickly now. The sun has come out in many places.
Internal travel within Belize should be by airplane. There is no notice yet, if the International Airport has been re-opened. But probably by tomorrow Tuesday.

St Georges Caye had no damage, other than light damage and one dock down.

Caye Chapel no report, but construction was sound there and nothing major is expected to have happened out there.

There is a squall extending from Caye Chapel covering Caye Caulker going westward to the mainland and inshore. This is where the wind squalls are. It is an ordinary squally weather, nothing to get alarmed about.

There is still no report out of Caye Caulker. It is possible for a boat to leave Belize City and get there before nightfall, but the mainlanders are timid people. Any good sound skiff would do it. Communications gear and batteries would be the major thing, for a trip to Caye Caulker today. If anybody goes out to check, it will probably be a private person and boat and they will lack the necessary communications gear to keep the rest of the world informed. Too bad, but that's how bureaucracies work. Probably no reports before tomorrow from Caye Caulker.

San Pedro still has some independent communications and reports of damages should be forthcoming by tomorrow morning. Right now people are walking around surveying the mess and commisserating with each other.

Dangriga, Toledo District and Placentia are open for business as usual. No change in their status at all. They were outside the perimeter of Keith damage. Other than rain and some river flooding, the Cayo District resorts are open for business. Orange Walk and Corozal are also open for business. The Corozal Free Trade Zone will be open in normal mode tomorrow Tuesday. As will Chetumal across the border in Mexico.

No word from Sarteneja yet, or Chunox. Most damage is expected to be only wind damage, not flooding.

Ray Auxillou