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Miss and Mister Jade universe is scheduled to take place in the Republic of Guatemala from December 6th to December 11, 2011. The competition will feature participants from various countries of the world. The aim is to strengthen relationships within participating countries as well as to promote culture, traditions and tourism and international talents.

The "Jade" is the sacred stone of the Mayas, representing purity, ability, skill, and beauty that any Mr. Jade should possess, hence the name of the competition. Participants in the Jade Universe competition are required to possess excellent physical condition, an athletic body and a nice face; be disciplined and willing to comply with all obligations and responsibilities that their titles imply; be in good physical and mental health and pay the return airfare to their country.

First and second places will be awarded to the following categories: Best artistic talent, fantastic costumes, congeniality, body fitness, face, hair, photogenic, internet as well elegance and a final award for the crowd's favorite.

The San Pedro Sun caught up with Jhoshi to find out more about his participation in this event. When asked why he decided to participate, he stated, "This is the second edition of the event, the first one was held two years ago in Guatemala. As to why I decided to participate; I received an invitation from the organization. The invitation comes as a result of my previous participation in a Male Beauty Competition, representing Panama in a "Mr. Prenza Mode" two years ago; a competition to win the new media favorite. I am very much interested in these competitions, and I believe that with my experience in modeling and dancing, I will do very well in this competition".

Jhoshi currently assists the San Pedro Dance Company as a choreographer as well as offers aerobic classes here on the island. He is honored at this opportunity to represent Belize and is confident that he will represent well. The competition offers an opportunity to the candidates and their entourages to showcase the various aspects of tourism in the Guatemalan market.

As part of his preparation, Jhoshi is currently researching the various Tourism products that Belize offers and hopes to be able to experience all the wonderful sites and activities the Belize offers to its tourists.
The next step for him is to create a support group, and continue his preparation for this very prestigious competition.

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