Jules Vasquez

The media was called out today by one of its own members, who along with a well known business personality, say they have received credible reports that their lives are in danger. They claim in fact that a street figure has confirmed that someone has paid for a hit on them. Media colleague, Channel Seven’s Jules Vasquez and businessman Lascelle Arnold say that by bringing the threat to public attention, they hope their adversaries will leave them alone. Vasquez and Arnold held a press conference this afternoon in which they said that the threats follow an exposé they collaborated on in respect of butane companies, who they claim have been cheating customers. According to both, they will take some safety precautions.

Jules Vasquez, Threatened

“Persons with vested interest have sought to arrange a hit on both of us. Certainly you will understand due to the nature of these things, specifics can’t be discussed. I will only say that Mr. Arnold has been contacted directly with someone who was approached. And again this fits in with three other pieces of information he had received independently from different sources. When we became aware of this information, I became aware of this information two days ago, we had three avenues we could take it—either we handle it discreetly (privately), which in the current climate certainly in view of what had happened to Mister Rodwell Williams who works five hundred feet away from where I work, I don’t think the approach of keeping it within a close circuit is practical. The second choice we had was to go to law enforcement and seek to work some sort of sting operation, but we do not have a cooperating witness.”

Lascelle Arnold

Lascelle Arnold, Threatened

“Somebody else in the industry, who make some of the same claim that we heard the day before, concerning a hit on me and Jules. Then Monday, in Belmopan, two persons come and meet with me in Belmopan. We were just crossing the street and we end up speaking. The person tell me exactly what was about to happen—something that was planned two weeks ago. And within those two weeks, we had where there were casing out the place of business, Belize Dry Cleaners and Channel 7. They talked about the vehicle that I drive and the vehicle that Jules drive. And one of the next information that we get concerning Mister Vasquez was that they will make news in front of Channel 7. I mean we could just read between the lines; they didn’t say what they will do, what will happen, they just said news will be made in front of Channel 7.”

Recently someone also broke the windows of Belize Dry Cleaners, which is owned by Arnold.

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