[Linked Image] The police department has not issued crime statistics for months, maybe as much as a year - but the Police ministry did so today - and it shows that between January and the end of April of this year, crime is down. You heard it right, down! Murder is up - almost 15% from 36 at this time last year to 42 so far for 2011. But, according to the figures, reports of robbery, theft and carnal knowledge are all down - while only rape and burglary are up. [Linked Image]
The figures show that reports of robbery went down by 57 for the period under review - a decrease of 33%, while 21 fewer cases of theft were reported between January and April of this year.

Overall, the statistics show that crime is down 7% for this year. And if you just don't buy that; try this one on for size: in 2010, all crimes against the person - except murder were down by 20%; in total there were 668 fewer reports of rape, robbery, theft, burglary and carnal knowledge.

Indeed, according to the figures, even as our society becomes palpably more unsafe, crime has been on a ten year downward trend. Murders, however, have been steadily increasing for the last eight years.

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