Saturday, 6/2 (travel day) "We're he-ere!"

Smooth flight to Belize City (the free drinks didn't hurt, either!) Got our bags (all there...yea!) & breezed through customs. Airport not crowded at all. One of the advantages of going during off-season, I guess. Had a little time to wait until our Tropic Air flight to AC. What else to do but talk to people and, you guessed it, drink a couple of Belikins! Neither Sebron or I had ever had it before. Very good! And I'm not even a big beer drinker. Met a customs officer, Noel (off duty) and Myron (works at airport). They gave us some info on festivities on AC and the mainland. Invited us to join them later in the week and go to Chetumal, MX. We'll see. Tropic flight right on time. We were in San Pedro by 4pm. I had been to AC before and it couldn't have looked better. I was SO excited to be back and be able to show Sebron what a wonderful place it is.

Hopped in a taxi to Hotel del Rio. It's up by the river cut. If you're looking for great rates, this is the place ($340 for 8 nights!). Very basic. Never see the staff but somehow the room always gets cleaned. Kind of felt like we had our own little place. Stayed in one of the small cabanas. Stone's throw from the water. Very cute and cozy. No air-conditioning, but screened windows on all sides. There was always a breeze. Actually needed covers a couple of nights! This is the local end of town (very close to the public playground). Kind of nice playing with the kids (the little local girls have already fallen in love with Sebron. I pick up a "boyfriend" or 2 of my own by the end of the week). I recommend this place for the budget-oriented. No amenities (bar, restaurant, pool). Really rustic and clean. About a 10 - 15 minute walk into town. We loved it!

Got settled in took a walk into town. Ended up at Fido's for dinner. Good food but ended up finding just as good and better for less elsewhere later in the week. The drinks (Panty Rippers, what else?) & Belikins were great. Gilberto & David were a riot! On a mor serious note, an older guy at the bar had some kind of seizure. A younger guy next to him was trying to help. Sebron rushed over to give a hand. Guy snapped out of it. Wouldn't go to doc. Found out the younger guy (Russell) was with the British army and had been on the mainland for a couple months doing jungle warfare stuff. There was a whole troop of them on AC for a little R&R. One of them happened to walk by on the beach (he was a nurse) and took a look at the older guy. We stayed with "Ford" for a while to make sure he was OK. Never did find out what happened. After a couple of hours, 10 - 15 of the British guys have joined us. What a great group! We ended up at Barefoot Iguana's dancing the night away...literally. Yikes! Taxi'd back to the hotel as the sun was rising...Beautiful!! Went to sleep with the sound of the wind and surf.