More than a dozen of Belize's top punta rock artists along with some of the country's top DJ's will stage a Stop the Violence concert tomorrow at the MCC Grounds. It's billed as the Supa G Birthday party, but in conjunction with Belizeans for Justice, the event will take on a Stop the Violence platform, hoping that music can shake the conscience of the youth of this society. Orson Picart one of the concert's MC talks about the combined billing.

Orson Picart
"Come this Saturday night myself along with some of my colleagues in association with Heineken, Courts and also Belizeans for Justice along with Supa G decided to not just have an entertainment per se just because its Supa G's birthday but we wanted to bring awareness to some of the issues that are affecting Belizean people countrywide and one of those major issue is crime and violence so it's the Sup G Birthday Stop the Violence Concert where we are going to be having representatives from Belizeans for Justice who represent in themselves over 500 members. We will be having a few of their members coming on stage sharing life experiences doing small speeches so that the audience who is there could be aware of the issue and as well by extension take it back to their family and kind of give them the idea that everybody needs to do their part to stop crime and violence in the country. On the lineup we have 13 Punta rock artist ranging from Lloyd and Reckless to Titiman Flores to Chico Ramos, we also have Supa G who will be performing, we have some of the younger punta rock up and coming artists such as Consigo, Capri, Continental Cat and some of these other guys "Ragis" who bring a different dynamic to a concert such as this. Now earlier out the concert will feature 8 of the country's top DJs. So they will be out there playing positive music getting the crowd ready for the actual performances which will last up until 4 in the morning."

Once again the concert starts at 9 P.M. tomorrow night at the MCC, and while the tickets in advance will cost you $20, tickets at the door will cost you $25.

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