15 June, 2001 - Belmopan City
The UNDP announces disbursement of a cheque of $21,800 to Green Reef
Environmental Institute. This is the second disbursement of a total
grant award of $80,000 to Green Reef for the Research and Advocacy Plan
for Nassau Group Conservation in Belize. Funding is provided by the
Global Environmental Facility Small Grants Programme.

The Nassau Grouper is a commercially important endemic fish of the
Caribbean Sea and Western Atlantic which has been declining drastically
throughout its range including Belize for more than ten years. In 1998
the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) added the
Nassau Grouper to the list of endangered species.

Through this project Green Reef is working with other partner
organizations including Belize Audubon Society, Toledo Institute for
Development and Environment (TIDE), the Fisheries Department and local
fishermen to conduct field research, community based – education
and advocacy. The project should develop draft legislation for managing
the Nassau Grouper and identify economic alternatives for fishermen who
traditionally rely on fishing the Nassau Grouper Spawning Aggregations.

In Belize City on Friday, 15th June 2001, the cheque was presented to
Mr. Mito Paz, Executive Director of Green Reef, by Mrs. Velda Aguet,
Chairperson of the GEF/Small Grants Programme National Steering