Princess partner, Treaty, says drill arrives this month – but DOE has not approved

ts Belize oil project, which it said would arrive in Belize in June, according to a press release from the company posted on PRNewswire.

“Treaty Energy has made a final decision to drill the wells on the Belize concession using our own Texas-based drilling company, Treaty Energy Drilling, LLC,” CEO Andrew Reid is quoted as saying in the press release.

Amandala contacted Chief Environmental Officer Martin Alegria, who told us that the company has no clearance for drilling in Belize. Alegria said that they met with Treaty reps about three weeks ago and raised concerns about how they are proceeding with operations in Belize.

Treaty, in its press release today, says it has purchased a Schramm 450 Drilling Rig on a Chevrolet Flat Bed Diesel AWD platform, with a Sullair Drilling Compressor.

“This rig is capable of drilling to 4,000 ft depth and therefore is suitable to the task of drilling all of the well sites that are currently in our Belize drilling program,” Treaty adds.

In early May, Amandala reported that Treaty Energy Corporation, partner of Princess Petroleum in Belize, is moving ahead with plans to drill for oil in Southern Belize, in the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts, including inside the village of Medina Bank, a Maya village listed in the Maya Land Rights case lodged in 2009, where Maya activists say no drilling should proceed without consultation with their communities.

An update posted today, Tuesday, May 3, said the company has selected the first of 5 areas from among “innumerable” or countless such sites in Belize.

Princess Petroleum has a concession for 200,000 acres onshore and 1.8 million acres offshore dating back to 2007.

The onshore concession includes a range of forest reserves, including Swasey Bladen, Deep River, Maya Mountain and Mango Creek.

In April, Treaty also formed a local company, Treaty Belize Energy Ltd., through the Barrow & Williams law firm, its legal representative in Belize.