[Linked Image] International basketball star, Alex Carcamo, is in Belize to tie the knot with his fiancť in Placencia and while heís here, young athletes will get an opportunity to participate in a basketball camp which begins next week Tuesday. The competition promises lots of prizes including autographed jerseys and footwear. Itís his first venture into hosting basketball tournaments locally and Carcamo says heís excited to be able to give back to the Jewel.

Alex Carcamo, Organizer, Basketball Camp

ďItís for the youths really, thereís no charge. Weíre having a big tournament in Placencia. Weíre having a clinic for the younger kids and for the teenagers weíre having a, you know, a basketball tournament. Iím hoping that itís going to be a good turnout. Itís the first time Iím trying this so Iím very excited. Thereís going to be a DJ at the court playing all night and Iíve pretty much have all the rules down pat. Thereís no fighting, no fighting at all. If you fight your team is disqualified. Iím really trying to work on the profanity, no cussing. You donít get thrown out but you just loose points or the other team gets a chance to gain points. We have a shot clock, you know. itís suppose to be a lot of fun. Iím hoping that itís going to be a good turnout and, you know, anybody that wants to come down, you know, you can come down and weíll put you on a team if you think you have a team that, itís a three on three tournament at that [and] if you think youíre ready, you know, come. Iíve named it but Iím just going to wait [to reveal it]. There are a lot of prizes; one would be an autographed jersey of mine from the national team and some shoes that I brought down.Ē

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