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Citing "Boating Safety is no Accident", the staff members of San Pedro's Coastal Xpress - the ferry boat operator currently providing services to locals and visitors to north and south of the island - was involved in a one week intensive Maritime Certification Course entitled "Prudent Master Course".

Offered by Wafagua Nautical & Safety Institute (WNSI), the captains and crew of the Coastal Xpress Water Taxi service embarked on the five-day course. Major Gilvert Suazo, managing director of WNSI, informed The Sun that "WNSI was incorporated in 2006 specifically for the teaching of Nautical Science both in skills and seamanship courses, with a view to enhance the capacity of those masters or boat captains who are registeredwith the Belize Port Authority. It also looks to qualify those who have yet to receive a master's license so that they have the theoretical and practical skills to be boat masters. We also look to train people who can be crew on the domestic registered vessels within Belize".

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