There used to be this popular saying, “Crayfish to stone dogs.” It is a saying meaning that there is an abundance of something. And there was a time when the spiny lobster or the crayfish existed in abundance around the waters of Ambergris Caye.

First a little anecdote, which might not even be true but here it goes to prove the point. There was this Sanpedrano coconut harvester who claims that one day he went to the “cocal” (the coconut grove) and hauled his dory up on the beach and went into the cocal to do his chores. When he returned to the beach he noticed that the area around his dory looked reddish and noticed that his dory was actually stuck on lobsters. It was difficult to push his dory out due to the spines on the lobsters and Sanpedranos had always walked barefooted, but he managed to put on his “apargatas” (home-made sandals) and got his dory out to sea. Did he take any lobsters? No, in fact he grumbled that these pests had given him such a problem!

This same old man, who was known for his exaggerations, said that on another occasion when he went to his cocal, he returned only to find out that this huge log had leaned against his dory. When he tried to remove the log, to his surprise he discovered that it was not a log but a huge lobster. He killed the lobster and managed to bring it home. About five families had a feast with the meat extracted from this giant lobster tail, and the shell was used as a dory by his children. What a tale! If lobsters were not in abundance, they were in giant sizes.

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