Saving Paradise

Director: Robert Flanagan
Producer: Suzan Al Doghaci
Genre: Documentary
Produced In: 2010
Story Teller's Country: Belize

Synopsis: The pristine wilderness of the Bladen Nature Reserve, in the heart of Belize's Maya Mountains, is threatened by the planned construction of a hydroelectric dam. The proposed location is the Central River, home to an incredible array of biodiversity. The Central River is the source of five rivers which are used daily by thousands of people for drinking, bathing, transportation, washing, fishing and agriculture. The dam will be detrimental to all the communities that depend on these waters. In short, the water is their life. Characterized by corrupt dealings, including withholding of information, between the government officials and the foreign-owned power company this development included zero consultation with the communities who would be directly affected by its construction. “Saving Paradise” documents the opposition of the communities to the dam and gives a voice to those who are outraged by this unplanned unsustainable and ignorant development.