Now if you just want to relax and enjoy yourself and have a snorkel or two you will have a really nice time here....if you want really good diving can do that all depends on who you are dealing with and where you go....'

For your snorkel...may I humbly suggest that you get hold of one of the guides to help you out...we have some really spectacular snorkeling here...I would go for a day snorkel trip either one of the organised ones or with one or two friends on your own with a I could give you a couple of names...first one is Ched Cabral e-mail: phone 011-501-167118... and another is Tulu, phone 011-501-26-2817/2287

If any questions you are more than wellcome to write and ask me can find me at

And please don\t feel disincouraged by somebody that obviously thought this to be a mixture of Roatan and Costa is not this is BELIZE... maybe not allways that organised with refreshmentstands along the track but allways natural and friendly...