Political parties hold conventions

The two major political parties continued their conventions over the
weekend.  On Saturday the People’s United Party held a joint
convention at St. Mary’s Hall.  Endorsed at the event were Rt.
Honourable Said Musa for Fort George, Mark Espat for Albert, Cordel Hyde
for Lake Independence, Anthony Sylvester for Queen’s Square and Phillip
Palacio for Mesopotamia.  On Sunday in Ladyville the party held a
contested election for Belize Rural Central.  The new standard bearer
for that division is Dolores Balderamos Garcia.  Balderamos Garcia
received 640 votes.  Receiving the second highest vote count was
Linsford Castillo who received 576 followed by Alburn Rivero with 446 votes
and Edgar Young with 301 votes.  39 ballots were spoilt.  The
United Democratic Party held its convention for the Stann Creek West
Division.  The incumbent area representative Melvin Hulse successfully
regained his seat after handily defeating his competitors.  Hulse
received 1, 107 votes.  Denzil Jenkins received 645 votes and Dennis
Martinez received 48 votes.  18 votes were spoilt.

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