1st Quarter 2011 update..First quarter of 2011

The annual maintenance program for 2011 is just about complete. New pictures are added to the website all the time. We have moved further in our program, using bulldozers to clear the back side of the channel all the way to the roads on the west, south and northeast. Plowing and compacting will be done so we can use our tractor and bush-hog to maintain this area on an ongoing basis.

A driving range for our golfers is looking like a distinct possibility. Golf balls were ordered this week.

A few owners, friends and family of some of our owners have been visiting. One has begun construction as well as we have begun construction on The Residences. A couple others are moving forward on their plans for the future and have filled their beachfront with a marl base and sea sand.

Along with our decision to revert from the “local” block construction to poured in place concrete for our first two structures, we are now sourcing admixtures for even more strength and easier construction.

Last week we met with our engineer and architect to go over final drawings. We expect them to go to the Central Building Authority next week.

Maheias United has completed the installation of pilings for the first two structures. Danny Marin, our construction superintendent coordinated the installation.

The gate-house is almost complete. Our excavator is working on the ponds at our entry. We are also relocating the access point to direct traffic through the entry gate. These roads as well as a secured road to The Residences is now underway.

Construction is complete on the restroom, with the kitchen counters and cabinets being the remaining items to be completed in the kitchen.

We have planted more trees and removed all the remaining poisonwood trees from the entire length of our shoreline.

The offer is still pending on the purchase of the large excavator, a John Deere 998E-LC. This will be used to complete the channels. In the meantime John Trummer has been contacted to perform the excavation on the main channel entry.

The road to the Ferry and from the Ferry to the Copper Bank/Progresso has been graded. We have asked for more work to be done as well as the improvement of the road to the Cerros Maya Archaeological Site. We have started to work on a few bad spots until the grader arrives.

Mark "Lenny" Leonard