Gilharry bus line, going bust, caused by theft of his runs by Barrow and Hulse?

According to TV interview with Gilharry, he says, of his 12 runs he has been running for 30 years, the UDP stole his lucrative runs and assigned him 8 losers. He will be forced out of business. All to back up the deal, cooked up by Melvin Hulse with the new Westline buses, the old Novelo buses bought new by Ashcroft bank. Says in all about 200 or more family members will have to look for other financial sustenance. Barrow backed his fellow pirate in the Cabinet, Melvin Hulse, as control of permits and licenses and the use thereof to bankrupt people and steal their businesses is part of the political perks of running for office. Self enrichment and corruption.

Ray Auxillou