Earlier on in this segment we told you about an appearance of bias case in which court of Appeal has reserved judgment. But tomorrow the court will deliver judgment in a hugely consequential case. That is the appeal of the constitutionality of the BTL acquisition.

Arguments between the Ashcroft Alliance and the government of Belize were heard in late January, and after a long deliberation - the court will hand down a decision which could declare that the acquisition of BTL was unconstitutional. If it was, it could mean that the whole thing would have to be reversed. Now they say you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube - and on Monday - after he had acquired another utility - the Prime Minister told us he's confident government won't have to do that - and it won't have to go back to the house to put forth a new piece of legislation to re-acquire BTL, at least not right now:…

Jules Vasquez
"A judgment is expected on Friday to be handed down in the BTL matter. Do you fear that you may have to be in this House again for some extraordinary sitting?"

PM Dean Barrow
"I don't, if that judgment goes against us I've already said all we will do is appeal. I would expect that we would ry to do that over. With Telemedia remember that one of the difficulties there in terms of the court was whether the public interest purpose was in fact what we said it was and if so whether it really was sufficient compelling for the move to be made. I make the point again, I say this only, we will know sooner by Friday how the court finally came down but I make that point only to say that that is the clear difference between that law and that acquisition and this one. There can be no doubt as to the public purpose here and there can be no doubt as to how compelling it is - how overwhelming compelling it is."

The judgment will be handed down at ten tomorrow….

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