Ernestine; album and now video goes viral

[Linked Image] On the music scene, she is recognized as one of Belize’s best female talents and this year, she is releasing her first album. Ernestine Carballo’s “It is Time, so Fly” features eleven tracks. She stopped by our studio to tell us about the video for one of her songs “Come together in love” which she says is sending out a strong and positive message to Belizeans.

Ernestine Carballo, Artist

"The song, come together in love, is a reggae song and it is a plea to Belize, to my Belizean people for us to come together as one. From the beginning that was the word from Bob Marley, Peter Tash, Berris Hammonds. From the beginning it was the word from the book of revelations. The crime rate is very high right now and it all starts at home—weh my mommy use to teach me; if you noh learn to love your bredda and sistas at home, you will not learn how to do it out there in the world. This is just my plea to the ghetto youths them, to the brothers them, everybody weh feel like it’s ok and alright to be killing out each other. We need to come together in love and let the violence cease.”

Andrea Polanco
[Linked Image] “So I know the brand new video is out, everybody is looking forward to it, tell us what’s the concept?”

Ernestine Carballo
“We did some shots around the market area, in the barber shop nearby all the way through Malic and then I went to the studios by ENG and then I went over by the guys with DTH just so that we can have a very nice. It was perfect because that they everything passed—you had the B.D.F. that passed on their motors, you have the ambulance pass—everything pass.”

Carballo says she will be doing a country-wide tour which will start in the north and make its way to other parts of the country. Some of the proceeds will be contributed to “Feed the Children” program by Dara Robinson. Copies of the album are available at music outlets countrywide.

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