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#412052 - 07/19/11 07:34 AM Belize readies for beach volleyball tourney  
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Belize Gets Ready for Central American Beach Volleyball Championships

The central American beach volleyball championships start on Friday at the Marion Jones Stadium. It's the first time Belize is hosting the event and we stopped in to see how practice was going yesterday. We spoke to the President of the Belize Volleyball Association Allan Sharp and Oscar Arnold the Commissioner of Beach Volleyball in Belize.

Allan Sharp
"This is a big deal Jules, I think it is big deal for sports in Belize. It is not often that high level tournament of international level comes to Belize. Some of the athletes coming are particularly from Costa Rica - they play all around the world and so it is a high level tournament."

Oscar Arnold
"This is some excitement that goes along with it. We have a long history in beach volleyball. We are just now breaking out into the regional beach volleyball circuit. We have some very good athletes. Right now the anxiety would be the male and female team - pretty much downstream but because the players that are taking the places of the ones who cannot play right now - they have been playing as well and so it's just to kind of finding the right fit. The players have already met and they pretty gel together and so i think it's just for them to come together to play well together. First of all I would like to say to all Belizeans to come out and support your favorite athletes - it's not often that we see our athletes play and perform; we always see them going away and playing and then coming back with the results. Beach volleyball is very pleasing to the eyes. If the environment is right we should have a good game from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening."

Allan Sharp
"Beach volleyball is the sport that set out first in the Olympics. It is very pleasing to come and attend not only because the athletes are playing in swimwear but because you are outdoors, as you can see here is very nice its windy and you are in the sun. There is a whole different atmosphere - everybody is having a good time joking with each other - watching an interesting game - watching people participate at high level volleyball - diving in the sand keeping the ball up and in rally and again the level of players coming to Belize will be players that know to play the game very well."

Tune in tomorrow when we'll talk to the team members about their hopes for the tournament….

Channel 7

#412355 - 07/23/11 08:26 AM Re: Belize readies for beach volleyball tourney [Re: Marty]  
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Central American Volleyball Beach Championship games at the Marion Jones Stadium

The Central American Volleyball Beach Championship games got underway today. It is the second time that Belize is hosting the games that are being played at the Marion Jones stadium where sand has been added to the court to give it the beach effect. All Central American countries except for Panama are taking part. On opening day, let’s say it was not a good day for the Jewel, since the local male and female athletes lost to both Salvador and Guatemala. News Five’s Andrea Polanco reports.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

Under the sweltering sun, our neighboring Central American friends came out with their A game. In the opening match, the experience of the Salvadoran girls proved enough to seal the game against our young but talented Rebecca Rath and Emma Hoare, who say nerves affected their game:

Rebecca Rath, Team Belize

Rebecca Rath

“Well we played El Salvador one, that’s their first team. That’s the best team. You know what I think we were a bit nervous because you know it’s our first tournament. I think we did fairly well; we messed up on some of our passes and our serves but I don’t think they were that hard of a team to beat, I think it’s just because we were nervous it got in our heads. They’re a very good defense team; they are very good at their passing and their setting so yea that worked for them.”

Andrea Polanco

“Is this the first time you’re competing in a tournament of this magnitude?”

Emma Hoare, Team Belize

“Yes it’s my first beach tournament and I was a bit nervous at first but in the second set I shook off my shakiness.”

Andrea Polanco

“So do you think it’s the experience of these girls that caused them to triumph to today?”

Emma Hoare

Emma Hoare

“Yes, it was the experience. Because they practice, they actually they pay them to come out and play and we just do this as wah hobby because we love the sport and everything so.”

In their opener, the boys of Belize also fell short to the Guatemalans, twelve to twenty one and ten to twenty one in their first and second sets respectively; again experience got the upper hand in that game:

Juan Marin, Team Belize

“We started out a little bit slow, we started with the slowness they ended up beating us in the first set. With the hype that they had they end up prevailing in the first set. In the second set that we did, we did a good come back however they played a much quicker game than we are used to. And on top they are the team that are out in the field as much as the international tournament goes and we usually stay here so they a much better experience than we do.”

Andrea Polanco

Tico Requena

“So you believe the experience of the Guatemalan Team is what prevailed today?”

Tico Requena, Team Belize

“Uhmm definitely, the Guatemalan team have coaches they travel abroad, they play inna many different leagues NORSECA and all deh ting suh deh face wah whole wide variety of different players so deh got experience deh deh miles ova we inna dat deh sense. I mean we just have to play ketch up and hustle lee bit more mek we fuh try stay pahn dah level.”

While our local players fell short, their competitors recognized both their talents and their short comings:

Diana de Leiva

Diana de Leiva, El Salvador

“I think that they have to practice a little more, they have a future they will become a good a very good players.”

Andrea Polanco

“What is your experience like? How long have you been playing volleyball?”

Diana de Leiva

“I play since I was twelve years so I think that I have a little of experience. Maybe professional I think that I started in two thousand one so I think that we are trying to do the best in this championship.”

Andrea Polanco

“So what do you think made you guys prevailed this morning? What caused that win?”

Diana de Leiva

“In the first set we take advantage to the server, we use the wind to do good serves so I think that was the strong skill that we have.”

Erick Garrido

Erick Garrido, Guatemala

“Belize is a really good team but we had a couple like before the tournament we train like three four months before and we are ready for the tournament.”

Andrea Polanco

So do you think it’s your experience that caused you guys to win that match morning?

Erick Garrido

“Yes because the facility in Guatemala is very different from here, we have other teams to practice and it’s different.”

And it is experience combined with technical support, that the Belizean athletes doesn’t have:

Allan Sharp

Allan Sharp, President, Belize Volleyball Association

“It’s two things, technical and exposure. Talent, we have more talent than the Central America, most Central American Countries but they have programs which is part of our idea for this having and hosting this in Belize. To show the Belize public, and government and corporate that if we invest more in sports not only in volleyball I’m talking all sports, that a lot more can be done because we have the talent; but we need exposure and then we need to have programs, proper programs in schools, proper coaches that know what they are doing to develop. These teams play many times over per year; they play maybe ten, twelve, fifteen weekends per year. We play maybe two at best you know so exposure is big and also technical development.”

Juan Marin

“At home we did a couple of training but like how they say, they have coaches, they have everything. We don’t really have those things, we have ourselves only. We do our best to prepare but in the end we need a lot more practice to play catch up with them.”

Juan Marin

But the Belize Teams will not go down without fight, as they remain positive going into rest of their games:

Juan Marin

“We learn from the ones that we lose and we must hustle up. We must do a lot better to find our hype quicker because once you have a hype you stay into the game so like that you can actually push more than you normally do.”

Andrea Polanco

“You guys looking for a win?”

Tico Requena

“Great, that’s the plan we should have a better game. We had a bad game just now suh can’t get worse than that so it just gotta get betta.”

Andrea Polanco

“So any final comments that you guys want to leave with us?”

Rebecca Rath

“I just want you to note that our next games we wah fight and we wah play hardest and we ah come out and we ah win.”

Andrea Polanco

“We can expect some good ball later?”

Emma Hoare

“Yes, oh yes all my nervousness. And come out tomorrow make sure you guys come out tomorrow and watch us play again.”

Andrea Polanco

“What are your expectations over the next two days?”

Allan Sharp

“Well this is home; they’re not used to this heat, they’re suffering in this hear, they suffering with the humidity. The breeze, they’re not used to playing with this much wind as well so it kinda evens out whatever technical aspects they have and I think at home once the fans come out and boost our players, I think that will be the difference I think that we can really do well.”

Reporting for News Five, I am Andrea Polanco.

The games will conclude on Sunday.

#412358 - 07/23/11 08:27 AM Re: Belize readies for beach volleyball tourney [Re: Marty]  
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July 22, 2011

The Central American Beach Volleyball Championships kicked off today at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex. Teams in both male and female categories representing all Central American Countries with the exception of Panama are in Belize for the event. Allan Sharp, President of the Belize Volleyball Association told us more about the teams that will be taking part in the competition.

Allan Sharp – President, Belize Volleyball Association
“The top team here in females is the Costa Rica team who plays in all the major beach volleyball competitions from the United States, down to Central America, the Caribbean; they are very strong. The Guatemala team their two main players have actually split into two teams they have here so I am not sure if they are as strong as they normally are but they also normally travel throughout the Caribbean and Central America and Mexico to play in competitions so those teams in particular. Salvador is very strong, Salvador has always done well in male and female, Costa Rica males very strong. These are top level teams that put a lot of emphasis in volleyball. They take a portion of their live and dedicate it to just practicing and playing volleyball.”

Dalila Ical - Reporter So what is the outlook for you guys this weekend?

Allan Sharp – President, Belize Volleyball Association
“For the Belize Volleyball Association this is one way to try and expose our players not only the beach players, but the upcoming beach players, the upcoming players who are playing indoors, all the children of the country to come and see sport at a very high level, to be motivated to get into sport, to get into beach volleyball which is the most fun of all volleyballs.”

Costa Rica is the defending Champions and according to Esteban Escobar in the Costa Rica Male category, they intend to keep the title.

Esteban Escobar – Participant
“We feel good, we feel well prepared and we are the defending champions so we’re here to keep it that way. The competition is great every team is working hard. We’ve played against a lot of these teams in other tournaments. There are other countries that are strong, we are ready for them, we have studied them, we’ve seen them play. It is going to be a tough tournament.”

Costa Rica and Guatemala both have two teams in each category while the rest are allowed only one team in each. As the host country, Belize is allowed two teams in each category. Love News spoke with Ernest Broaster and Arvid Arnold, one of the teams in the male category.

Ernest Broaster – Participant
“I think in the bracket that we are we stand a good chance of at least medaling.

Dalila Ical - Reporter
Are you prepared for the competition?

Ernest Broaster – Participant
"Yeah. We are prepared. We have been doing some practicing. Arvid and I have played together in previous tournament so we know each other’s style of play so it should not be hard.

Dalila Ical - Reporter
From what you have seen and what they brought here today what are you expecting?

Ernest Broaster – Participant
“Well with the other teams we know them very well because we have played against them before in the same senior championships that we are having here was held in Guatemala. We also played against them in a NORSICA tournament, which is a much bigger tournament. The same guys that are out here are the same guys that represent every time and we’ve played against them and we know their game style. We should match up our offence against their defence so we should stand a good chance.”

The tournament started today, continues tomorrow and concludes on Sunday. This is the second time Belize is hosting the championships. The tournament was first hosted in Belize in 2006.


#412499 - 07/26/11 09:41 AM Re: Belize readies for beach volleyball tourney [Re: Marty]  
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Costa Rica Dominates Beach Volleyball Final

The finals for the Central American Beach Volleyball Championship were held on Sunday afternoon in Belize City. As we told you when we left on Friday night, things were not looking great for Belize after one day of play - the home team had lost every game - except one played against another Belizean team.

But, truth be told, this was what they call a learning experience for Belize. In the end, the superior play of the dominant teams shone through and on Sunday that meant Costa Rica's Male and Female team taking home the gold and Guatemala's male and female teams taking homes silver. We spoke to the winners:..

Estevan Escobar, Costa Rica, Male Gold Medalist
"it's an amazing feeling. Winning any tournament is hard, but specifically you are the champion, you are the best team in Central America and Costa Rica has been winning for the last years, so keeping up the tradition was important as well. Guatemala is always a tough competition and they are physical, they have everything it takes - they gave us a great match."

Natalia Alfaro, Costa Rica, Female Champs
"We are very happy. We are excited. We lost last year in Costa Rica but right now we are the champions, so we are very happy and we have to celebrate in Costa Rica."

Ana Lourdes Ramirez, Guatemala, Female Silver Medalist
"We are very happy because it's our first tournament together and she is a younger girl. She played this year in the Central American youth tournament and they won. so this is really good for us."

Allan Sharp, Pres. Bze. Volleyball Assn.
"The last two days - first of all the Belize team came through. The females actually tied up for fourth in the round robin and it had to go down to points ratio for us to be placing fifth. In fact the team that we beat and the team that was tied for fourth ended up playing for bronze. They came in fourth overall. The men also won major game. Gave the #1 and #2 team everything they could handle. The last days the fans came out."

Natalia Alfaro, Costa Rica, Female Champs
"The Belize Female Team - they are very good but they have to continue training and practice more because other Central America teams are practicing right now so they have to continue to practice more."

"We gotta ask you your impression of our Belizean male team."

Estevan Escobar, Costa Rica, Male Gold Medalist
"They are great athlete. I think they need a little more experience going to other tournaments and playing but we played against them and they gave us one of our toughest matches in the tournament. They got up to 19 and they almost took us, so I think they have everything it takes. They just need a little more practice and a little more experience outside but they are great."

"What's your impression of the Belize female teams."

Ana Lourdes Ramirez, Guatemala, Female Silver Medalist
"Well they are new teams. We play a lot of tournaments that they should play but they didn't so I think they should play more so their level can be higher than this time."

Natalia Alfaro, Costa Rica, Female Champs
"We love Belize; the hotel and the food and the people; the people are very polite. We are very happy to be here and we love to come back again."

Ana Lourdes Ramirez, Guatemala, Female Silver Medalist
"I was here in 2006 for the same tournament and this year was really good. The hotel was excellent, the food was really good and we are really excited to be here."

Estevan Escobar, Costa Rica, Male Gold Medalist
"It's a great gift to be here in beautiful Belize. Everybody have been amazing - such a beautiful country and to win a tournament like this not only for myself or for my partner but for all of our country and for everybody that supported us. Thank you very much."

Belize Female Team one Barbara Cadle and Jasmine Anderson came in fifth, while the male team one of Arvid Arnold and Ernest Broaster in came in sixth. The other Belize female and male teams both came in last in their respective categories…

Channel 7

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