The announcement that BATSUB would be significantly downsized came late last year and since then, troops have returned to Britain, Belizean employees have been laid off and the British army terminated the use of its helicopters for medical emergencies. Last Friday, the final British helicopter left the country and the British Forces news filed this report, closing another chapter as the downsizing process continues.

Thirty-nine years of Army Aviation history have drawn to a close in Belize, with the final flight from a Bell 212 helicopter from 25 Flight Army Air Corps.

25 Flight are there to support BATSUB, the British Army Jungle Training Unit, but Army helicopters have been in the skies over the dependency since 1972, and before that the RAF.

Today though marks the latest chapter in the drawdown of British forces in Belize.

Dave Roberts

Major Dave Roberts, OC 25 Flight AAC

Its been an excellent way to finish my career and one of the best postings Ive ever had from an aviation perspective and to be able to command during the last posting, which is highly unusually for an officer of my advanced years.

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