Holy Cross has come a long way, from its humble beginnings offering free education to the less fortunate. Ideally located in San Mateo, where one could say, the hub of San Pedroís poverty exists, it has provided a much needed services for students, offering a feeding program among others.

Holy Cross has seen volunteer doctors, dentists, teachers, constructors among others. Two weeks ago, a group of volunteers came down to Holy Cross, but this time around not to construct anything, but rather to beautify. The idea of creating a mural was a seed planted a while ago and Ellen Sinclair from Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA decided that this was a project she would be more than happy to undertake. While this was Ellenís first time volunteering at Holy Cross, her family is no stranger. Her husband a constructor and daughter, a school teacher, have been volunteering for the past few years. Ellen told The San Pedro Sun that she saw this as her turn this time around.

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