Mary Open Doors to hold Work Shop on Sexual Abuse - Abuse is defined as cruel or inhumane treatment; a rude expression intended to offend or hurt. Many women, children and even men are victims of abuse whether itís physically, mentally or sexual abuse. The problem is coming out of this abuse and finding help to overcome this problem and get counseling in order to get ahead in life. A group of hard working Sanpedranos is working tirelessly to get The Mama Vilma Family Home to become a reality in order to shelter and help many victims of domestic violence and less fortunate children. This week, members of Mary Open Doors (family shelter) from the Cayo District are in the island to conduct a workshop on Sexual Abuse and to assist members of The Mama Vilma Family Home on how to deal with such cases. ďMary Open Doors is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that provides services to persons who are victims of domestic violence, abuse and survivors of natural disasters,Ē commented Mrs. Concha. Mary Open Doors has been operating for three years now and was formed by Mrs. Anna Sylva. The organization was formed when Mrs. Sylva hosted battered women in her home; she provided them with counseling and then began asking the community for assistance as more victims were seeking shelter. The organization now has two shelters and an office; since its inception it has sheltered and helped over 500 children and women from all walks of life. Mary Open Doors provides services without regards to race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, age or religion.

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