Until two days ago I thought the new Preventive Detention proposals, which PM Barrow now says are in the refridgerator (whatever that means), was the most serious threat yet to liberty and freedom in Belize.
But not now. Night before last I attended a meeting where two senators made a presentation on the proposed change to our Constitution Clause 69.9 Sounds harmless enough until you start reading it
The proposal is that any future changes to the Constitution will not be challengeable in any court of law anywhere for any reason by anybody on any grounds. That means, once the Constitution is changed, we the people are powerless to use the legal system to consider the legality of measures taken.
As Senator Hulse said in the meeting, this is another serious erosion of civil liberty under the current administration.
And the worst part? Senator Hulse confirmed that this legislation is almost certain to be passed into law.
It seems we are on the downward road to a dictatorship.