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San Pedro Carnival is celebrated on September 21st each year and a host of revelers take to the street sporting colorful costumes performing modern, contemporary and cultural dances. One group which has been gracing our island’s streets for the past two years has already started this year’s preparations. Island Masqueraders, with a membership of over 36 is gearing up for Carnival 2011.

This group, comprised of male and female dancers, will be coloring the streets with their exotic, multi-colored costumes come September 21st. As with any Carnival group around the world, this show of culture and art does not come without a cost. Representatives of the group will be approaching you, our business community, seeking much needed financial support to make this year’s Carnival show bigger than ever. Dancers are welcome, particularly males. Deadline for signing up is August 15th and there is a $30 costume fee, which can be paid in two installments.

Recently, organizers have been active in raising funds, with the first in the series being a “Wet T-Shirt Contest” hosted by Tackle Box Bar & Grill on Saturday, July 16th. Upcoming fundraisers include: a “Wet N Wild” event at the Tackle Box on Friday August 5th, plus a Beach Party. Details for the beach party will be forthcoming. Leading up to September 21st, Carnival parade, the group will be hosting a motorcade through the main streets of San Pedro followed by a block party at the Central Park on September 20th. For further information about either donating or becoming a member of this energetic Carnival group, please contact Kera Hemmans at 626-1240 or Bernadette “Coolie” Reyes at 621-1683.

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